• 'Hot Cop of the Castro' Charged With 2 Felonies in Hit-and-Run

    Prosecutors have charged a renowned San Francisco Police officer with two felony counts of hit-and-run in connection with a crash that left two men with serious injuries.

  • A Book for Every Occasion

    Not sure what to read next? Or to give as a gift? Look no further than SFGN’s holiday reading and book giving guide

  • A Holiday Gift Guide to Giving Books This Season

    Doesn’t it seem like your gift list grows each year?

    One new member of the family by birth, three more by marriage. Two “adopted” kids who call you Mom or Dad just because. Friends who have become dear.  A new Secret Santa program. It adds up, as it subtracts from your holiday budget.

  • Australian Government Lawmaker Introduces Gay Marriage Bill

    A maverick lawmaker broke from conservative government ranks on Monday to introduce legislation that would legalize gay marriage in Australia as a new opinion poll confirmed that most Australians support such a reform.

  • Books: My Best Books of 2015

    As you look back over your year, there are a lot of things you notice.

  • Divorce Granted to Mississippi Same-Sex Couple After 2 Years

    Two years after their divorce filing got entangled in Mississippi's efforts to prevent same-sex marriage, a judge Tuesday dissolved the legal union of Lauren Czekala-Chatham and Dana Ann Melancon.

  • End of Boy Scouts' Ban on Gays Prompts Elation and Alarm

    The lifting of the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay adult leaders prompted some gay Eagle Scouts to quickly rejoin the movement on Tuesday. But the Mormon church - the nation's largest sponsor of Scout units - warned that it may split away to form a global scouting organization of its own.

  • Fargo Pastor Resigns Over Gay Marriage Decision

    FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A pastor is leaving his post at a Fargo church due to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in June to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide.

  • Film: Best LGBT Films of 2015

    "Best" of course is a relative term. From my vantage point, these are the best LGBT films of 2015. MIA are several films that I suspect would have made the list had I seen them: the lesbian dramas "Freeheld" and "Grandma," and the documentary "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine" – I look forward to catching them on DVD.

  • Food: A New Spin on Pizza

    A while ago we rated pizzas from a number of Wilton Manors restaurants. While those places all had their pluses and minuses, there are two new pizza places in Fort Lauderdale that are following a new business model. These restaurants are similar to many, such as the California-based chain Pieology, which follow the same format as Subway and Chipotle; you step up to the counter and pick the ingredients from fresh selections on display. The pizza is assembled right in front of you, popped into a super-heated oven and within 10 minutes, you’ve got your own personal pizza creation in front of you.

  • Food: Beach, Please!

    Up north, the temps have finally dropped and blizzard conditions are settling in and my email in-box starts to fill up with requests from friends to save them from the frigid temperatures.

  • Food: Best Bites of the Year

    A few of my favorites that you must try

  • Food: Curry in a Hurry

    Every city seems to have a street that is filled with Indian restaurants. In New York there’s 6th St., in Chicago there’s Devon Ave., in Madrid it’s the Chueca neighborhood and Artesia, California is teeming with Indian restaurants and stores.

  • Food: Feasting on Floranada

    Here’s a nice bit of trivia; Oakland Park was originally named Floranada. The name is a combination of Florida and Canada, but it didn’t last long, the town was forced into bankruptcy after the hurricane of 1926. When the municipality reincorporated, residents chose to re-name it Oakland Park. That information explains why a short section of 45th St. is also named Floranada. But it doesn’t explain why there are so many spots on that street to pick up delicious eats.

  • Food: Give it to Me Raw

    There’s something to be said for taking it raw. Fresh seafood doesn’t need anything more than a little salt and a squeeze of lemon, not even heat. Oysters, clam, conch; just about any kind of mollusk is delicious on the half shell. Crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp and crab can also be enjoyed raw, but most preferred them cooked. The same goes for most salt water fish. Raw tuna, salmon and their underwater brethren are able to be enjoyed uncooked, marinated or heated. It’s all about the freshness, and you’ll usually (but not always) have to pay a premium for such treats.

  • Food: Happy Hours

    It must be 5 o’clock somewhere! How often have I heard that rallying cry? Cocktail hour is the perfect transition from work to play. The cocktails help you unwind, while a few nibbles here or there tide you over until a later dinner. That’s how it started, anyway. Now, cocktail hours are so bountiful that they constitute a meal on their own.

  • Food: Hello Deli!

  • Food: It’s Pho You

    Vietnamese food is an amazing blend of Asian and French cuisine, due to the colonization of Indo-China by the French. That blend of cultures is most evident in the classic báhn mi, a sandwich featuring Asian ingredients, such as pickled daikon with paté (that’s the classic version, others have been adapted to American tastes) on a crisp baguette. It’s a classic staple in Vietnam.

  • Food: More Best Bites

    There are just too many to choose from

  • Food: Summer Specials

    Summer’s rising temperatures means falling menu prices. During the seasonal slump, both Fort Lauderdale and Miami offer citywide restaurant deals to lure the locals to places which often rely upon tourist and snowbird dollars during the season.