• 'Moonlight' Bests Field in Gay and Lesbian 'Dorian' Awards

    After landing top honors for a big screen drama at the Golden Globe Awards, “Moonlight,” the melancholy drama about a gay African-American man in Miami’s gritty Liberty City neighborhood, was named film of the year last week by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA).

  • Bahamas Still Struggling After Dorian 

    It’s been less than a month since Hurricane Dorian wiped out much of Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands. The Category 5 hurricane was the strongest to make landfall on the islands.  As of this week, the official death toll from Hurricane Dorian is 60 people, though hundreds are still missing. 

  • Column: September is Here: We Dodged a Dorian Bullet – Let’s Count Our Blessings 

    As I wake up to the beginning of September on this Sunday morning, I realize how much we have to be happy about.  Thankfully, our date with the ferocious Dorian was a no show. 

  • Rick’s Reviews: We dodged Dorian, Here Are Some Recipes For The Next Storm

    By the time you read this Hurricane Dorian will hopefully be just a memory. In my nearly six years as a South Floridian I’ve seen a few hurricanes, luckily nothing major, but after the last one I was without electricity for a week. Since most of us down here in South Florida have electric stoves, a power outage means no stove either.