• Out50: Lauren Baer

    She worked in Foggy Bottom under Secretaries Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and captured the Democratic Party’s nomination in the 2018 U.S. FL-18 congressional election.

  • Out50: Lora Tucker

    The LGBT center movement is alive and well with new ones popping up in communities around the U.S. Their success is due in part to CenterLink and the leadership of its CEO Lora Tucker.

  • Out50: Lorenzo Lowe

    When it comes to educating people about HIV, Lorenzo Lowe is a rock star. As HIV prevention & education director, Lowe manages 35 condom distribution sites, 15 different outreach locations including college campuses, testing and education venues. “This is a community in need of a lot of services,” Lowe told.

  • Out50: Lynare Robbins

    Journalist and human rights advocate, Lynare Robbins strives to help members of the LGBT community not just locally, but internationally. She joined the Navy upon graduating high school, which led to her view of human rights on a global scale. 

  • Out50: Mark Ebenhoch

    Mark Ebenhoch is a force to be reckoned with — hes a Marine vet, an actor, film advisor, and a national and state LGBT activist. He’s also the keeper of the flag. Well, at least part of it.  

  • Out50: Mark Traverso & Conor Walton

    During the height of the South Florida arts season, Mark Traverso and Conor Walton are like two ships passing in the night: Conor, an award-winning actor, singer and dancer is heading to a rehearsal or performance anywhere between Jupiter and Coral Gables. Mark, a very successful marketing executive by day, is likely chairing a board meeting of Slow Burn Theatre Co. or making a curtain speech at one of their performances at the Broward Center.

  • Out50: May Reign

    May Reign is a poet, activist, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, author and entrepreneur. She fulfills all of those roles with passion and enthusiasm. 

  • Out50: Michael Fowler

    Michael D. Fowler is the executive sponsor for the LGBT employees’ group at NextEra Energy Resources where he is vice president of information management for Florida Power & Light, an important and very visible position.

  • Out50: Michelle Sylvester

    Michelle Sylvester decided to run for office after 20 years of leadership under the same party.  

  • Out50: Misty Eyez

    Misty Eyez is enjoying her second act. The former drag queen (and SFGN Best Of winner for several years) traded in the nightlife at Lips, Boardwalk, and other top venues for a new career.  Shes now the director of womens program & education and case manager for transgender services at Sun Serve.

  • Out50: Nik Harris

    Nik Harris is Florida’s first LGBT consumer advocate. The newly created position began in April. The role will address discrimination and fraud while raising awareness about opportunities for LGBT residents in the agriculture industry.

  • Out50: Patricia Hernandez

    Patricia Hernandez represents the legal minds of Miami-Dade. She is a founding partner of Rotella & Hernandez, an immigration and family law firm. Her specialty is helping immigrants and the complex battles they face, but her specialty is focusing on how these issues affect the LGBT community.

  • Out50: Rafa Carvajal

    Wire Magazine (WireMag) is a Miami-based publication catering to the LGBT community. Rafa Carvajal, purchased the magazine 10 years ago and serves as its publisher and editor in chief. He manages to circulate 10,000 issues on a biweekly basis, and the magazine has done so for the past 28 years. This is an impressive feat considering the publication is totally free. Carvajal also ensures it provides a great snapshot of sociocultural options in Miami. 

  • Out50: Ronnie Larsen

     You dont have to be Dr. Phil—or Dr. Ruth, as a matter of fact—to figure out that playwright Ronnie Larsen is more than slightly obsessed with sex. 

  • Out50: Scott Greenberg

    Scott Greenberg came to South Florida to launch the Freedom Fund — an organization working to counter the disproportionate harm of LGBT mass incarceration.

  • Out50: Shawn Palacious

    Shawn Palacious is everywhere! On any given weekend, he can be seen appearing as his glamorous and equally outrageous drag alter ego, Kitty Meow, at Georgie’s Alibi / Monkey Bar in Wilton Manors.

  • Out50: Sobourney Barnes

    Sobourney Barnes has been involved in serving the LGBT community since college — and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

  • Out50: Sue Martino

    Sue Martino, 64, was born and raised in New York City. In the mid-70s, she DJed at La Femme (later De Ja Vu), one of the first women’s bars in NYC. Coming out was not difficult for Martino and her family had no problem with having a lesbian in the family.

  • Out50: Teri Johnston

    Key West Mayor Teri Johnston celebrated alongside Dar, her partner and wife of 35 years and mother of their two daughters at this year’s Pride festivities. 

  • Out50: Todd Thompkins

    Some teachers inspire students in such a way you can tell it’s their calling, not just a job. Todd Thompkins is one of them. He teaches AP Physics and Honors Physics at Michael Krop Senior High.  He won the school’s Teacher of the Year in 2017.