• Out50: Astrid Rodriguez

    Astrid Rodriguez Carranza is a managing director of investments at Wells Fargo, which she joined in 1997. Astrid earned her bachelors degree in finance at Barry University. Notably, she is on the board of the Aqua Foundation for Women. This organization supports the LBT community in the South Florida area, and she plays an integral role in the Foundations ability to support its grants, scholarships, and initiatives. 

  • Out50: Barbara Singer & Fran Epstein

    Barbara Signer (not Singer) and her wife Fran Epstein, retired from careers in New York and moved to Florida in 2011. Almost immediately they engaged in a variety of visible causes, political and educational, including Democratic Party programs, the Point Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Our Fund and Equality Florida, to name a few of the 26 programs listed on their combined resumes. 

  • Out50: Carson Graham

    Carson Graham was born April 11, 1993 in Pembroke Pines. By age 2, he knew there was something different about him.  When he was 19, he came out to his mother who threw him out of his home. His father was Jamaican and had died a few years earlier; he was surprised that his Jamaican family members were more supportive than his mother.

  • Out50: Clarence Brooks

    Clarence Brooks said that he started dancing by accident.

  • Out50: Daisy Deadpetals

    Daisy Deadpetals is in full bloom this spring. The veteran drag queen puts on a show at Rumors, Lips, Boardwalk, and Camelot. Making people laugh keeps her inspired. 

  • Out50: Damian Pardo

    Damian Pardo’s professional resume is impressive to say the least. He is vice president at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, but also serves as chair of 4Ward Miami —the non-profit organization which hosts the Gay8 Festival. True leadership is exemplified in the roles Pardo plays beyond his own professional duties. As co-founder of the Gay8 festival, Damian is proud of what it has accomplished in a few short years. 

  • Out50: Daniel Tilley

    Daniel Tilley has certainly taken action in his career.

  • Out50: David Thall

    Treating others with care is in David Thall’s pedigree.

  • Out50: Doug Pew

    Doug Pew got involved in South Florida’s gay choral movement thanks to his partner, Don Croxton. Croxton was a member of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus for several years and was among a dozen men who organized The Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida in the summer of 2010. 

  • Out50: Dr. Ana Puga & Requel Lopes

    Years ago, treating people with HIV brought Drs. Ana Puga and Requel Lopes together.  At the time, Dr. Puga referred her patients to Lopes for acupuncture. But that was then. 

  • Out50: Dr. David Warner

    As the owner of Island City Smiles, David Warner said “attention to detail” is what separates his practice from others.

  • Out50: Dr. Russell Sassani

    Dr. Russell Sassani, board-certified plastic surgeon, was born in Pennsylvania and raised in New Jersey. After completing his general surgery and plastic surgery training at Penn in Philadelphia he came to Florida in 1994 to do further fellowship training in Craniofacial surgery at the University of Miami as well as an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship. He fell in love with Florida and joined a practice here.

  • Out50: Dylan Brooks

    Dylan Brooks is a voice for the voiceless, but he’s no cliché 

  • Out50: G Wright Muir

    Ghenete “G” Wright Muir said she felt she was living a double life” during her marriage to a man. Years into her marriage, she realized she was a lesbian.

  • Out50: Haye Moon

    “It hit me like a ton of bricks,” said Haye Moon, thinking back to when it became crystal clear being binary was not in the cards. 

  • Out50: Howard Cunningham & Steve Vianest

    Howard Cunningham and Steve Vianest are an ideal couple. They are celebrating 30 years together — five of them married. They are parents to 13-year-old Brad. Being dads has changed their lives completely.

  • Out50: James Miille & Alex Mitow

    James Miille and Alex Mitow create full-scale, professional art fairs, without the BS.” They are co-directors of the Superfine! Art Fair phenomenon, and an LGBT power couple. Art collectors themselves, they saw traditional fairs as expensive and at times elitist. In response, they debuted the Superfine! Art Fair in December of 2015. 

  • Out50: Jean Johnson

    Verla Jean Johnson’s lifetime of activism is one of the most diverse in our community. Born in Carthage, Mississippi, Jean joined the Air Force during the Korean War, though she was not allowed to fly.

  • Out50: Joseph Cox

    Ask the Museum of Discovery and Science’s (MODS) new executive director Joseph Cox how he ended up in his career and he’ll share a funny story:

  • Out50: JT Thompson

    Key West’s JT Thompson is an artist and graphic designer. He’s also working to make the world a better place with One Human Family.