Dear Editor,

Although my politics differ greatly from those of Peter Ryskewecz, I am accepting enough to respect his right to his opinion. In the last paragraph of his attack on President Obama and The Democratic Party in general however, I believe the writer makes a grossly short-sighted statement as to his reasoning for his statement: "In 2008, over one out of three Gay voters voted for John McCain in an otherwise dismal year for the GOP. They must have been on to something".


What Mr. Ryskewecz fails to acknowledge is that many voters, gay or straight, just could not or would not vote for an African American man to be our President! I can quote from personal experience, that several acquaintances, both gay and straight, made statements to the effect that they just would not accept a black President. To paraphrase, statements such as, "I am voting 'white' " and "I don't want 'black' in The White House", were commonly given as these people's mind sets; obviously, what many of these people were "on to", as Mr. Ryskewecz states, is Racism. Regrettably, discrimination exists within The Gay Community, just as well as it does within the general population. While I certainly acknowledge the existence a community of Gay Republicans, it is my opinion that to use the statistics of Gay Voters in the 2008 Presidential election as a barometer of the general political leanings of The Gay Community, or to imply a shifting trend in such, is indeed a short-sighted attempt to skew these in favor of the writer's newfound personal position.

Thank you.


Robert Bono, WPB



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