New Year

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  • Column: Happy New Year!

    This time of year, we hear a lot about new year resolutions.  A resolution is an “intention to do or not do something”.  The question we must ask ourselves is “How do we turn this intention in to a reality?” A resolution that works is not an event, it’s a lifestyle change.  

    At our church, instead of a one-time hour-long event, we are claiming the entire month of January as a “travel plan” to discern and navigate our journey for the new year. We have contacted our travel agent (God) and plan a month-long trip whose destination stops include Sundays of Epiphany, Burning Bowls, Baptism and Letters to God.

    January 6th, on Epiphany Sunday we look back at where we have traveled before and learn from those trips. What have been our motivations and how have they worked for us in the past? Like the Wise Men, we will choose to be guided even more by the light that exists within us. We will review our encounters with the divine. We will commit to grow, change and being transformed, and are open to infinite possibilities as the spirit guides us to her plan for us.

    January 13th, on Burning Bowl Sunday we travel to the land of discernment and throw away the souvenirs that we have been carrying around for years. We toss in to the fire, life’s experiences that we have allowed to hold us back and keep us from feeling connected with the divine. We send them to the department of “lost luggage”, never to be seen again.

    January 20th, on Baptism Sunday, we make a statement to the community of people who travel with us.  We share our firm commitment to our divine travel plan.  It’s also a commitment of those who travel with us to support one another and to love one another even when there are layovers or temporary canceled flights!

    And last but not least, January 27this “Letters to God” Sunday when we will print out our itinerary for the new year. We write a personalized travel plan to God.  This itinerary is returned to us six months later for review and possible revision for different routes or modes of transportation.

    God invites to New Beginnings.  Wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome to pack your bags and come travel with us.  All Are Welcome!

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