Sal Torre

  • COLUMN: 2,800 and Counting

    As businesses start to re-open, daily schedules returning to a faster pace and many of us getting back to a full work week, there are still Floridians dying of the COVID-19 pandemic and many more worldwide.

  • Column: Altered Reality 

    Just a few days ago, the lives of so many of us here in our Island City continued with our normal daily routines. Now the world around us has entered some altered state of being, where the norms of society have changed to a strange unimaginable new existence. 

  • Column: Am I the Westside Curmudgeon?

    This past week I have been challenged to enjoy comedy again, to enjoy being humorous, and to remember that it’s ok to laugh out loud. 

  • Column: An Artist's Touch

    Summer 2017 is over, schools are back in session, the Fall holidays are fast approaching, and life here in Wilton Manors has just kicked it up a notch. Yes folks, it’s time for my annual warning that Christmas is just around the corner. Think I am crazy? Well, the next few months are jammed packed with activity; and if you think 2017 has been racing by, hold on to your hat because the ride is about to get a lot faster.
    As our city government, along with local non-profits, schools, and others swing back into action from a slower summer pace, calendars have been filling up fast. After September, we have the Jewish Holidays, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and right into the Christmas holiday season and the end of the year. Before you know it, we will be singing Old Lang Syne and 2018 will be well on its way.

  • Column: Annus Horribilis

    As my household gets ready to celebrate my birthday, another year older, passing the mid fifty range and getting ever so close to sixty, I let my mind wander back over the past year. My thoughts keep going back to the opening words of a speech that Queen Elizabeth II gave in 1992, dubbed the “Annus Horribilis” speech. Replacing 1992 with 2017, I will take the liberty of plagiarizing Her Majesty’s words:

  • Column: Bye-Bye Biden – The Democratic Establishment Takes a Hit 

    Poor results in Iowa, New Hampshire and national polls might be the knockout punch for Bidens presidential aspirations. 

  • Column: Comfortably Numb

    Hey you, out there in Broward County, can you hear me? Donald Trump is coming to the heart of Democratic Florida on Nov. 26 for a Homecoming Rally.

  • Column: Day of Reckoning

    With his many years of wisdom and knowledge, Norm Kent might just be our own enlightened guru guiding us on a more righteous path. Norm’s opinion piece in the last edition of the “Wilton Manors Gazette” might seem to some as a callous, vindictive and juvenile attack on my many years of reporting on life here in our Island City. However, perhaps there lies a much deeper and profound purpose behind his madness. 

  • Column: Fantasy vs. Reality

    Fantasy is an idea with no basis in reality. Reality is its blunt, truthful cousin. For those who attended or have been following the Treasure Coast Planning Council’s public hearings on the future of the city owned property next to city hall, “fantasy” is the best description. 

  • Column: Fibbery

    Earlier this week I caught myself using the word “fibbery” in a discussion at work. Afterwards, not sure if such a word really existed, I looked to confirm that it was proper English usage. 

  • Column: Giddy for Gillum

    Sitting at last week’s city commission meeting feeling frustrated and tired, the first news on the primary election made me sit up and feel a bit of wonderment.  

  • Column: Goodbye Justin Flippen

    One of my most endearing moments shared with friend and colleague, Justin Flippen, was when both he and Commissioner Julie Carson would conduct a childrens book reading at our own very special municipal library here in Wilton Manors. 

  • Column: Goose-Stepping Down the Drive

    We seem to be entering a very dangerous time throughout our country. Last weekend’s demonstrations calling for an end to the public health shutdowns remind many of the unleashing of the Brown Shirts in German society back in the 1930s.

  • Column: Greetings from New Jersey

    This past week I have been away from our Island City, traveling up north to the Garden State to visit with family. Along with the joy of being with my dad on his 89th birthday, was the great news that my brother’s battle with cancer is going remarkably well. 

  • Column: Hatred and Bigotry is Not Welcome in Wilton Manors 

    Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” Many years ago, during the McCarthy hearings, our nation was driven by false claims, innuendos, crazy accusations and lies. 

  • COLUMN: He who lieth down with dogs …

    There are numerous metaphors one can use to use in an attempt to portray cautionary advice upon our elected officials here in Wilton Manors. “For they who lay down with dogs, shall rise with fleas,” is one that comes to mind. The message here is that one should be cautious of the company one keeps. 

  • Column: How Great Thou Art

    Sitting down this week to write my article, many thoughts are swirling around inside my mind. There is definitely no shortage of topics to write about here in Wilton Manors, such as the upcoming local elections for our Mayor and two City Commissioner seats, the narrowing of Wilton Drive, the adoption of the new city budget for fiscal year 2016/2017 which begins on October 1, much local chatter about Police Department practices toward LGBT officers highlighted in the New Times article and also the department’s fine handling of the Jungwirth affair. On top of all that, now that September is almost over, it is time for my annual warning of the fast approaching holiday season. Time to get moving on all the items not yet checked off your ‘2016 To-Do list’ because 2017 is just around the corner my friends. 

  • Column: Knowing When to Move On 

    As the lyrics from Bradley Cooper’s “Maybe It’s Time,” keep repeating in my head for some reason, my thoughts wander around two possible topics for my article this week - recycling and Joe Biden. 

  • Column: La Vie en Rose

    This past week I found myself listening to music sung by Edith Pilaf and other Parisian chanteuses. At first I just thought it was accidental, just enjoying some music of the past. However, as the week went on and still I was listening, singing along, and humming tunes while working, I began to think that something else must be going on.

  • Column: Looking Ahead in 2020

    As I start to write another article, my first attempt was full of doom and gloom as I look ahead into the New Year. There is no shortage of topics to be pessimistic about during these troubling times.