The AIDS Health Care Foundation, establishing a greater presence in South Florida, has filed complaints with officials in the Florida Health Department, alleging that Miami-made sex films are using actors who do not use condoms.

Alleging that the carelessness constitutes a “sanitary nuisance” which leads to the spread of HIV, Foundation representatives have urged the producers to cease production of “condomless” films.

Michael Weinstein, the foundation’s president, who has an op-ed in this week’s SFGN, claimed that AHF had identified 10 DVD’s, filmed at least in part in Miami, where the actors had ‘bareback’ intercourse without condoms. Three Miami-based companies were purportedly involved in the production.

Even local dancers were upset by the development. Said Blake Edwards of Boardwalk, who has appeared in filmings: “As a general rule, more and more producers of male pornography go out of their way to test us before we do shoots, and almost every agency we deal with now requires we use condoms.”

At Johnny’s on West Broward Boulevard, dancers also protested. A 21-year-old identifying himself only as Luigi said: “We are not crazy. AHF is right. We should not do films without protection. We don’t exactly have a union. They are helping us. They are a voice for us.”

While the State of Florida does not have a specifically-designated occupational safety and health division, there is a “sanitary nuisance” law in the Florida Statutes. The AHF complaint argued that unprotected sex in a commercial setting should fall under the definition of a “sanitary nuisance,” since Florida law defines it as “any act” that may cause disease.

AHF continues to build a stronger presence in South Florida, as it works internationally to stop the spread of HIV. Their South Florida headquarters is in the 110 Tower in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Now arguably the nation’s largest HIV health care provider, they have also opened an AHF pharmacy in Wilton Manors and at 2900 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami, where the press conference censuring the Miami filmmakers was held on January 11.

AHF President Michael Weinstein was joined by North Miami city commissioner Scott Galvin.

“AHF sees it as our duty to pursue action on the issue of safety in the workplace—in these instances, unprotected sex acts taking place in albeit non-traditional workplaces in and around Miami—adult film sets located throughout Florida that are churning out billions of dollars of adult fare each year,” said Galvin, who was last year named a member of the Board of Directors of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

“I fully support this campaign to require condoms in all adult film production, and believe putting public pressure on Florida production companies via these complaints to health officials can only help the health and safety of performers who are forced to work in unsafe conditions every day.”

A global organization providing medicine and advocacy to over 100,000 people in 22 countries, AHF’s ongoing community outreach includes international public health initiatives in developing countries where the spread of HIV is rampant. Locally, AHF operates the popular ‘Out of the Closet’ thrift store on Wilton Drive, and is a primary sponsor of the AIDS Walk.




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