Ben Carson

  • Ben Carson Joins Trump’s Anti-LGBT Cabinet

     President Elect Donald Trump has yet again gone against his claims of “protecting our LGBTQ citizens” during his election by recruiting yet another anti-LGBT member to his cabinet to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development — Ben Carson.

  • Ben Carson Makes Transphobic Comments Again

    Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said he’s concerned about “big hairy men” infiltrating women’s homeless shelters. 

  • Black LGBT Group Opposes Carson Nomination

    As Dr. Ben Carson arrived on Capitol Hill Thursday for his confirmation hearing, the nation’s leading black LGBT organization issued a rebuke of his nomination to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  • Carson compares being transgender to changing ethnicities

    (CNN) Donald Trump supporter Ben Carson compared a transgender person to someone who wakes up one morning and decides he or she is Afghan after watching a movie or reading books about Afghanistan.