Rick's Reviews

  • Rick's Reviews: Mangia

    Is there anything more comforting than Italian food? There’s something for everyone in Italian cuisine; vegetarians, vegans, paleo, low-carb (okay so that one’s harder, but just because there are so many tempting pasta-based dishes). There’s also something for every budget from meals less than $10 to the sky’s the limit. No wonder it’s the preferred ethnic food in America. A long-established Wilton Manors favorite and a newcomer to the area both specialize in Italian-American fare that’s certain to satisfy. Mangia!

  • Rick's Reviews: My Two Cents - Random Thoughts on Wilton’s Dining Scene

    In the ever-changing culinary landscape that is Wilton Manors, a food writer always has something to consider and mull over. Recently I’ve been thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the WilMa dining scene.

  • Rick's Reviews: News You Can Use

    A couple of popular restaurants have added new items to their menus and there are a there are some special events coming up, so let’s whip out our phones and add these events to our calendars. For those of you who like to go old-school and use actual datebooks, we’ll wait while you get them out, find a pen and open to the right date.

  • Rick's Reviews: Package Deal

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a column suggesting some alternative ideas for Thanksgiving, both places to dine out and restaurants that were offering entire meals to go. If you prefer not to cook, there’s another option; prepared holiday meals from grocery stores. Most chains now offer entire Thanksgiving meals which can be picked up fully-cooked and merely heated up before serving. Here’s a run-down on what’s available locally. Most require little more than 24-hours-notice. If you snoozed and didn’t order in time for Thanksgiving, they’re also available for Christmas or New Year’s Day. The prices indicated are for packages that serve 6-8, unless otherwise noted.

  • Rick's Reviews: Pita, Pita, Pita

    For a while there, Wilton Manors was inundated with sushi places. Now it seems Mediterranean spots are popping up everywhere. First, there was Ethos, then Sea & Olive and now Mini Pita. It’s not like they’re all the same, though.

  • Rick's Reviews: Ramen? Amen!

    If your memory of ramen is limited to those cups of instant noodle soup you ate in college, you are behind the times. Those salt bombs are a thing of the past. Ramen is the latest food to be adopted by the hipster crowd and artisanal noodles and gourmet ingredients have elevated this once-pedestrian dish to haute cuisine.

  • Rick's Reviews: Rating the Asian Buffets

    As far as I’m concerned, Asian food must be shared; the bigger your party, the better the selection. That’s the great thing about an Asian buffet; you don’t have to have a big party to be able to sample a variety of dishes. I must not be the only one who thinks that way because South Florida has plenty of buffets serving a variety of Asian cuisines. You can sample Korean, Thai, Japanese and Chinese food at just about any Asian buffet in town.

  • Rick's Reviews: Sea and Olive on the Drive

    Whoever is in charge of the kitchen knows a thing or two about cooking. Each of the dishes we sampled was delish. Friends who have visited the new spot report similar experiences. Where Sea & Olive fails is in the front-of-the-house operation. Upon entering, we were practically pounced upon by a server. We were dining early before a movie and were the first customers, so we had our choice of seats in the attractive dining room or equally beautiful patio. As our server handed us the menu she informed us that Sea & Olive is a Turkish restaurant. The menu options are mostly Turkish dishes, some with influences from neighboring Mediterranean countries.

  • Rick's Reviews: Seoul Food, A Look At Korean Cuisine

    Can someone please explain to me why so many Korean restaurants are located in Lauderhill?

  • Rick's Reviews: Soft Openings

    Usually one doesn’t want to see the words soft and opening together (there’s a pill for that), but in the restaurant biz, that means opening the door without much fanfare in the way of press or promotions. A “soft opening” is meant to give the staff time to establish a routine, find out what works and what doesn’t and to tweak the menu and schedules as needed.

  • Rick's Reviews: Soul Train

    I developed my love of soul food thanks to my former roommate Kelvin. I remember spending many holidays with Kelvin’s family. His mother, Essie, was open and loving and treated me like her fifth child!

  • Rick's Reviews: Souper Duper

    That recent cold snap we had (I actually put on a sweater and long pants!) made me realize how much I miss soup. Up north, when we’d get a winter storm, I would avoid cabin fever by mixing up a big pot of soup.

  • Rick's Reviews: South Florida’s Wine Country

    Mojo, 4140 N. Federal, Fort Lauderdale, will host a La Crema Pinot Noir five-course wine dinner on March 14. The meal, priced at $95 per person, includes carpaccio, gnocchi, duck breast, braised pork and flourless chocolate cake, each course paired with wine. To make a reservation or for more information, call 954-568-4443 or go to Mojofl.com.

  • Rick's Reviews: Spooktacular Halloween Recipes

     Hosting a get together at your house before heading out to the Drive for Wicked Manors? Here are a few cocktail and munchies ideas to get you in the mood.

  • Rick's Reviews: Spring Has Sprung

    Spring is here and that means we have a few more weeks of cooler weather before the summer heat moves in. It also means that Easter and Passover are upon us. If you plan on doing the whole Easter brunch thing, dust off your bonnet and check out some of these possibilities, who knows, you may just find a great big basket!

  • Rick's Reviews: Stork’s Delivers Good Food and Memories

    To say that Stork’s is a Wilton Manors landmark is an understatement. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary the bakery/café has been a popular meeting spot since Jim Stork opened it in 1997. Those who think of it as “just a coffee shop” couldn’t be more wrong. While it does serve eight different styles of brew, as well as an array of teas, smoothies, cappuccinos and lattes, iced or hot; folks can also grab a pastry to go along with their cup of Joe, or sit and enjoy a full breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Rick's Reviews: Summer Specials

    With the temperature on the rise, prices on menus across town lower as folks try to lure us year-rounders out of our air-conditioned homes and into area restaurants. Between reduced prices, special events and other enticements it makes dining out more and more tempting.

  • Rick's Reviews: Summer Specials

    When the temperatures go up, the prices go down. Now that the snow birds have flown the coop, many area restaurants are offering dining deals to those of us who stay year-round, including several places along Las Olas and on AIA. Check out these venues and listen to the ka-ching! sound while you save big bucks. As a caveat, most of these places require that you show local I.D. for the off-season discounts.

  • Rick's Reviews: T is for Taco


  • Rick's Reviews: Taco Loco

    Tacocraft, in the middle of historic Himmarshee Village, is part of the JEY Hospitality Group which runs a bunch of other restaurants in the area including Pizzacraft, ROK:BRGR and the new Henry’s sandwich shop in nearby F.A.T. Village. All of the group’s restaurants are offering 20 percent off for locals through the end of September, which provides the perfect excuse for extending Taco Tuesday throughout the week.