Rick's Reviews

  • Rants & Raves: Goodbye Humpy’s; welcome back free parking and more

  • Rick Reviews: Opening Up Again – Some Restaurants to Check Out

    The shutdown has been difficult on all of us, but as Governor DeSantis’ Phase 2 of opening up the state proceeds a number of restaurants in South Florida are re-opening.

  • Rick's Reviews: 'Family' Food

    Did you know that Wilton Manors has more restaurants per capita than most major cities? The adult population of Wilton Manors is about 10,000 people and there are 24 restaurants on Wilton Drive alone! That’s not even taking into account the four ice cream shops and the candy stor-gasm that is To The Moon!

  • Rick's Reviews: A Few Spots to Eat After Your Brightline Ride

    When Henry Flagler began to build the Florida East Coast Railway more than a century ago, he had real-estate and resort development in mind. Now another set of entrepreneurs has seen a local railroad vision come to fruition. Brightline began running trains in January nonstop between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, and just a few weeks ago added service to and from downtown Miami.

  • Rick's Reviews: A is for...

    A is for acclaimed. A is for affable. A is for accomplished. Finally, A is for Angelo, as in Angelo Elia, the Italian-born chef/restaurateur, whose impressive roster of dining establishments includes three Casa D’Angelo restaurants (Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Paradise Island/Bahamas), as well as a growing chain of wildly-popular casual-chic Italian eateries – Angelo Elia Pizza, Bar, Tapas (Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Delray Beach and Coral Springs) and the Angelo Elia Bakery Bar.

  • Rick's Reviews: A Mediterranean Diet

    If you’ve made a resolution to lose weight this year, as I have, you need to set long-term goals. If you’ve got 5-10 pounds of weight you gained over the holidays you can get away with following a “diet” and in a few weeks, you’ll be back in those skinny jeans. 

  • Rick's Reviews: A Toast to Love and Other News You Can Use

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think of making a reservation for that romantic dinner. Quite a few places will be offering “special” Valentine’s Day dinners for two, which usually means jacked-up prices and a limited selection. However, two spots are offering special cocktails and that’s always reason to celebrate. For those of you not observing the holiday, there are plenty of other specials and a few new restaurants to pique your interest.

  • Rick's Reviews: Aventura Adventure

    If your idea of the food court at the mall is Panda Express and Sbarro’s, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new Treats Food Hall at Aventura. In 2017, the 2.8-million-square-foot mall underwent a $214 million renovation that included transforming its humble food court, where pigeons often flew from rafter to rafter, into a chic food hall.  

  • Rick's Reviews: Basque in the Glory

    The area in West Palm that flanks Dixie Highway has long been known as Antique Alley for the preponderance of antique and vintage furniture stores. As far as dining goes, it was a vast wasteland, until recently. Several new restaurants have popped up in the past couple of years and the latest, Basque in the historic Hotel Biba, has got to be one of the best dining experiences, not just in the area, but in all of South Florida. What’s even more amazing is that the majority of the food is prepared and served out of a food truck.

  • Rick's Reviews: Batter up!

    It’s spring and that means the beginning of baseball season and I’ve visited two new restaurants. One hit it out of the park and the other struck out. And that’s about as far as I can go with baseball metaphors, so let’s focus on the restaurants.

  • Rick's Reviews: Beach, Please!

    Now that the crowds are gone, and before it gets too ungodly hot, it’s time to hit the beach! I love nothing better than to hang out at the beach then retire to a nearby casual spot to enjoy a cooling cocktail (or two or three) and a snack, all while keeping my toes in the sand. I’m talking about places right on the beach, no crossing the street – that’s so touristy! Last week on a sojourn to Miami, I discovered a fantastic little cantina that feels like it was pulled up off a beach in Mexico and plopped right down on the edge of South Beach.

  • Rick's Reviews: Beachfront Restaurants

    That time of year is coming; when “friends” you haven’t seen in years decide it would be a good time to visit you.

  • Rick's Reviews: Best of the Fests

    One of the best things about living in South Florida is the vast array of food festivals and food events offering enticing opportunities to taste a variety of scrumptious fare. The majority of these events are scheduled during the Spring months while the snowbirds are still in town and before the weather becomes too hot.   

  • Rick's Reviews: Bountiful Brunch Buffets

    A comedian once described brunch as, “…a meal invented by rich white chicks to rationalize day drinking and binging on French toast.”

  • Rick's Reviews: Burgers, Booze, Beer & Brunch

    As Barbie said, “Math is hard!” I couldn’t remember the math term for the equation that comes after squared (a number times itself) and cubed (a number times itself, then times itself again). It’s quartic and that’s the end of today’s math lesson, except for this equation 4 x B =? The answer is delicious; if B equals burgers, booze, beer and brunch, as it does at the two places we focus on today.

  • Rick's Reviews: Comfort Food Recipes for A Pandemic

    For those of us who like to cook, the irony of the pandemic is that, while we have the time at home to cook all we want, the shelves in the grocery stores are depleted.

  • Rick's Reviews: Comings and Goings

    To paraphrase the words of Dorothy Gale, “Restaurants come and go so quickly here.”

  • Rick's Reviews: Cuba Libre

    For quite some time, Cuba was a tropical playground for Americans looking for a quick getaway. Then came Castro’s Communist regime, followed by an American embargo and suddenly, Cuba was cut off from most of its suppliers. With little in the way of raw materials, the Cuban people made the best with what they had. Old American autos were kept running for years beyond their life expectancy. With limited agricultural resources the, Cuban people were equally resourceful.

  • Rick's Reviews: Deli-sh

  • Rick's Reviews: Diner Dash

    Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of diners in South Florida. Diners fit in with the laid-back South Floridian lifestyle. When you wear long pants only two or three days a year, how fancy do you want to get? Even those of you who need to dress up for work are often looking for a quick and inexpensive meal after a rough day at the office. Many seniors don’t see the point of cooking for just one or two folks and lots of young people don’t have the time. These factors and the bad economy (unless you’re in the 1 percent), have all made it the perfect time for diners to thrive.