• Food: Java Jive

    (Mirror) Let’s face it; there are two types of people; coffee snobs and everyone else. If you are a coffee snob you already have your favorite place where they brew your cup of Joe to exactly the right temperature, roast their own beans and do gawd knows what else to set themselves apart.

  • Rick's Reviews: Java Jive

    As Manhattan Transfer warbled in the song by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake,

    “I love coffee, I love tea

    I love the java jive and it loves me

    Coffee and tea and the java and me

    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup (boy!)”

  • Starbucks Serves an Empty Cup to LGBT Media

    (WB) Many are happy to stand in line for what they serve at Starbucks—but the global coffee conglomerate has left LGBT media standing at the altar, rebuffing repeated proposals to court a demographic of discerning tastemakers who would, seemingly, make for a marriage made in marketing heaven. 

  • Summer Series Explores the Art of Coffee in Pompano

    Have you ever stood at the counter at your local coffee shop and just gazed at the work of steaming, creamy art whipped up right there in front of you?