• 60 Years After Brown v. Board, Michelle Obama Tells Topeka Students That Are Its 'Legacy'

    (CNN) -- Sixty years after the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education challenged segregation in Topeka, Kansas, and changed the makeup of American classrooms forever, first lady Michelle Obama looked out at a crowd of Topeka's soon-to-be high school graduates and saw its "living, breathing legacy."

  • ACLU Sues To Allow Gay Club In Indiana School

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against a western Indiana school district seeking to force it to recognize a club for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and those that support them.

  • Andrews Diner gets remodel courtesy of Food Network

    Thanks to the Food Network, Wilton Manors’ Andrews Diner has a new look.

  • Back to School Supply Drive with a Twist

    The Greater Fort Lauderdale LGBT Chamber of Commerce is hosting its annual Back to School Supply Drive. Its upcoming mixer is on Tuesday, August 21 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and is presented by Reyka Vodka. The location is B Ocean at 1140 Seabreeze Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. 

  • Bernie Sanders campaign: No more Mr. Nice Guy

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- When Bernie Sanders launched 2016 presidential bid, he swore off negative campaigning.

  • Billboard Relates Dating App to Sexual Diseases

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - A popular dating app is telling a Los Angeles-based AIDS health care group to take down a billboard that links dating apps with sexual diseases.

  • Broward County School Board Candidate Donna Korn Corrects the Record

    I am proud to have the support of the Dolphin Democrats, Equality Florida, and the Sun-Sentinel for my re-election as the Broward County School Board Member, Countywide. 

  • Bryn Mawr College to Accept Transgender, Intersex Students

    BRYN MAWR, Pa. - A small women's college near Philadelphia says it'll start accepting transgender women and intersex applicants who don't identify as male.

  • BYU Yanks Gay Marriage Cards Off Bookstore Shelf

    Provo, UT (KUTV) -- A BYU spokesman has confirmed gay marriage congratulatory cards were accidentally stocked on the shelves of the BYU store in Provo.

  • California Ranks Worst in Nation for Guidance Counselors

    California ranks worst in the nation when it comes to providing students with guidance counselors, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Cancer Group's Mammogram Advice: Start Later and Get Fewer

    CHICAGO (AP) - The American Cancer Society now says women should start mammograms later in life and get fewer of them, a stance that puts the trusted group closer to an influential government task force's advice.

  • Changes Ordered For College Loans For Gay Couples

    (AP) Students in same-sex marriages will be treated the same as their straight married classmates when it comes to federal college loan applications, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Friday in a shift that reflects this year’s Supreme Court ruling that broadened gay rights.

  • Check Out These Scholarships and Grants for LGBT Students

    Life can be difficult for a struggling college student living off Cup Noodle and cereal. With the new school year quickly approaching, students find themselves worrying about their financial situation.

  • Chicago-Area Transgender Student Case Could Reach Settlement

    A suburban Chicago high school district is considering a settlement in the case of a transgender student seeking unrestricted use of the girls' locker room.

  • Column: The Intellectual Disability Community Cries for Help

    Intellectual disability is a condition characterized by significant limitation in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior. Formerly known as mental retardation, this disability manifests before age 18 and impacts the ability to communicate, socialize, and take care of oneself.

  • Commissioners Discuss Gun Safe at Wilton Elementary 

    Wilton Manors Commissioner Julie Carson doesn’t want any more guns in schools even if they are being stored in a locked safe for use by a police officer in an emergency.

  • DC Principal Who Came Out As Gay Losing Job

    WASHINGTON (AP) _ The principal of Wilson High School in Washington who made national headlines when he came out as gay this year is losing his job.

  • Delaware Board Member Opposes Teaching Definition of Gay

    A school board member in downstate Delaware is opposed to a new health curriculum that includes definitions for terms including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

  • Dick Leitsch: History Is Unavoidable

    For my friend Dick Leitsch, the last president of the Mattachine Society of New York, who last May turned 80, history was unavoidable. I met Dick in two different periods of my life. At 20, I attended my first and only meeting of the New York Mattachine Society, at the old Wendell Wilkie House near Bryant Park in New York City. He moderated, handsome, stylish, with a soft-spoken Kentuckian polished air. I was turned totally off: Mattachine was strictly out of my world as, new to New York, I struggled to make sense of myself. Two years later, a few months after Stonewall, I joined the Gay Liberation Front. GLF offered me a valid political understanding of why queers were being destroyed in American society, and what we had to do, often rowdy as we were, to change it. Both Dick and Mattachine were loathed by many of my young GLF brothers and sisters, some of whom had been in it and, like unruly kids, resented their dowdier parents.

  • Did Putin Call Elton John? Singer Says Yes, Kremlin Says No

    Elton John said Tuesday that Vladimir Putin phoned him after the musician requested a meeting to discuss Russia's anti-gay environment - but Putin's spokesman denied the report.