• Column: Faith & Spirituality

    The holiday season is concluded for another year, the menorahs and creches and candles and lights put back in storage, and our attention wanes regarding the list of resolutions we so recently and resolutely made.

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    If you’re looking for a new spiritual path, Love + Light Spiritual Emporium can counsel you through your journey.

  • Study Shows Spiritual Thinking May Help People with HIV

    Spiritual thinking may help people with HIV live longer. Spirituality has many definitions, but at its core spirituality helps to give life context and meaning, that appears to be true for HIV patients as well. New research, published this month In the Journal of General Internal Medicine,takes a broad look at this issue. 

  • Two Guys & A Dog: Different Words — Same Life Experiences

    One cherished gift of aging to me is that of perspective. I now more easily understand from where others are coming, and I’m much less frightened or offended by what they believe, or say. That new tool, that finds its strength in my own life experiences, makes it easier for me to be available to people who see and name things differently than I.

  • Two Guys & A Dog: The Self-Indulgence of Soul Work

    Since childhood, I’ve been a spiritual seeker. My focus was very different then. It has changed as I’ve aged and grown wiser as to where to focus my attention. As a youngster, my spiritual goal was to be a holy person, a saint, guided by my angel. That would be achieved by perfect moral behavior. Now, the goal is to be an awakened warrior, a Snowy Owl gay elder, and my own angel, if you will. I think now not what I’ll be when I grow up. I’m grown. Now, I think of how I can let go of collected old stories that no longer serve me, and of how to move on to the next level of awareness.