Gay Conversion Therapy

  • 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Bans, Anti-LGBT Adoption Bills Advance in States

    (WB) A host of LGBT-related bills are making their way to the desks of governors around the country and could have a major impact on LGBT Americans if signed into law.

  • A Unanimous Vote Bans Conversion Therapy in Lake Worth

    The Lake Worth City Commission brought conversion therapy to the table at their Dec. 13 meeting, a vote that was possible thanks to the efforts of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC) as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR).

  • California Lawmakers Move to Limit Gay Conversion Therapy

    (AP) Selling or advertising gay conversion therapy may soon be classified as a fraudulent business practice in California under a bill passed Thursday by the state Assembly.

  • Gay Student Awarded $10,000 After Fleeing Homophobic Persecution

    His parents attempted to send him off to a gay conversion therapy camp in Kenya. Instead, he fled the country — and now has been awarded $10,000.

    The money was granted to Mahad Olad by the Colin Higgins Foundation’s Annual Youth Courage Award, according to LGBTQ Nation

    The publication also reports that Olad’s family sent him to Kenya in 2007, telling him they were on a “family vacation.” Instead, his mother eventually confessed it was an intervention and that he would be sent to the camp.

    “Similar to the practice of gay conversion therapy in the United States, there are those within the Muslim community who utilize abusive tactics as a way of policing what they consider to be ‘deviant’ behavior,” Olad wrote for The Ithacan. “Even though my mother ‘asked’ me to go, I knew that it wasn’t really a choice.”

    His family wished for him to withdraw from college in New York to be guided by sheiks.

    Gay conversion therapy camps in Kenya commonly have “severe beatings, shackling, food deprivation, and other cruel practices.” So when Olad had an opportunity to escape, he took it.

    LGBTQ Nation reports he called the Ex-Muslims of North America, who helped him out of the country and back to the United States.

    “While I’m lucky to have close friends who have offered comfort, it does nothing for the hole my family ripped into my heart. I know what they did to me was horrible and wrong, but they are still my family and reconciling with them will take some time.”

  • New Film Highlights Gay Conversion Therapy Struggles

    The miseducation of Cameron post

    The film is a coming out story in small-town Montana, and will explore the deeper disruptions that have affected so many LGBT youth who have gone through conversion therapy.

  • NH Senate Passes Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

    (AP) Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the New Hampshire Senate reached agreement late Thursday on a bill to ban gay conversion therapy on minors after a debate over religious freedom nearly derailed the effort.

  • Washington Gov. Set to Sign Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

    Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee has the potential to end conversation therapy on minors in his state with a new law.

  • West Palm Bans Conversion Therapy

    For a city recognized by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Municipal Equality Index (MEI) for 2016, it was no surprise that the West Palm Beach City Commissioners unanimously approved “Ordinance No. 4666-16 Prohibiting the practice of conversion therapy efforts as to minors.”