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In the article '10 Gay Candidates Shake Up South Florida', there were some factual errors relating to the candidacy of Kevin Burns. Kevin Burns is running for the Florida Senate and is no longer Mayor of North Miami. He cancelled his bid for US Senate on May 5th and announced his candidacy for the State Senate. Burns was mayor of North Miami until May of last year and the current Mayor is Andre Pierre.


1) Kevin Burns – Democrat*

Florida Senate Campaign

Kevin Burns is running for the Florida Senate seat being vacated by Dan Gelber. He is the former mayor of North Miami and has been popular for his pro-education efforts and creating business opportunity in the area.

2) Bob Kunst – Independent

Congressional District 20
Opponent Incumbent: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)

Bob Kunst is rather famous in the LGBT community for his long history of advocacy for gay and Jewish people. He staged the original boycott of Florida orange juice to protest Anita Bryant’s anti-gay efforts. Most recently, he led a campaign opposing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.


3) Donna Milo – Republican

Congressional District 20
Opponent Incumbent: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)

Donna Milo has the distinction of being the only transgender woman running for Congress in the U.S. so far. However, her candidacy is made controversial by her opposition to gay marriage and the heavily Democratic district she’s running in.


4) Scott Galvin - Democrat

Congressional District 17
Opponent Incumbent: None (left open by Kendrick Meek)

Twice re-elected as city councilman for North Miami, he was the first sitting elected official in Florida to announce that he was gay. Galvin is on the board at AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). With some irony, he will be running against Frederica Wilson, whose HIV-related town-hall discussion was covered in SFGN last week.


5) Ken Keechl – Democrat

Broward County Commission – District 4
Current Incumbent

Ken Keechl is the current peer-elected county mayor in the Broward County Commission. He is an attorney with another degree in history and has sat on a number of local governmental advisory boards. He is a Founders Circle member of the Pride Center at Equality Park. His Republican opposition has been relentless in pursuing his seat on the commission.


6) Justin Flippen – Democrat

State House Representative – District 92
Opponent Incumbent: GwyndolenClarke-Reed (D)

Flippen is currently the Vice Mayor of Wilton Manors and is active in a number of local organizations including the Sierra Club, the NAACP, the Wilton Manors Historical Society and the Sunshine Cathedral (MCC). He is among the most active in the Dolphin Democrats, an organization which has helped many LGBT candidates run for office in South Florida.


7) Tony Japour – Republican

State House Representative – District 107
Opponent Incumbent: Luis R. Garcia, Jr. (D)

A former researcher at Abbott Laboratories, Japour helped to develop drugs that combat HIV. He has an extensive medical background that includes emergency preparedness, infectious disease control and public policy/planning. Japour is also a patron of the arts and runs an internet-based business that deals privately in contemporary fine art.


8) John Adornato – NPA

Oakland Park City Commission – Seat 4
Opponent Incumbent: Layne Dallett Walls (NPA)

Treasurer of the North Andrews Neighborhood Association, Adornato was instrumental in the inclusion of North Andrews Gardens into the City of Oakland Park via annexation. He has a love for the environment, advocates green spaces and actively participates in the security of park preservation. Adornato is also a member of the Fort Lauderdale Frontrunners, a popular athletic running group.


9) Lisa Porter – NPA

Circuit Court Judge
Current Incumbent

Judge Lisa Porter has served for 22 years in her capacities as a judge and previously a prosecuting attorney for the state of Florida. As a state attorney she worked under the leadership of Generals Bob Butterworth, Charlie Crist and Bill McCollum. Porter aims to continue serving Broward County in the Dependency Division, where she presides over cases involving families with children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected. She is described as patient, fair and always courteous.


10) Jim Jackson – Democratic

School Board – District 7
Opposing Incumbent: Mary Brown

A professor of psychology at St. Petersburg College and formerly at Miami-Dade College, Jackson is a member of the NAACP, Sierra Club, Habitat for Humanity and Stonewall of Pinellas County. Including at schools in Hawaii, Colorado and Florida, Jackson has been a teacher for over 33 years. He is also an avid gardener who spends his free time camping, hiking, snorkeling and spending time outdoors with his two dogs.


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