In the past few issues, SFGN has featured “Summer Staycations” and “Weekend Getaways.” For this issue, to celebrate Independence Day, we decided to travel elsewhere; to places we either love or desire to visit. All of these cities are gay friendly and contain many cultural, dining and entertainment options for the LGBT community.


Fishing in Savannah
By Brian Swinford

I love fishing, especially in historic Savannah, Georgia.The water is warm in spring and summer, which is great for fishing! The fish come to the top of the water for the warmth of the sun. In terms of bait—it’s good to use top-water spinner bait for large-mouth bass. If you’re going to fish in the ocean, use a medium-sized shrimp that’s still alive and kicking to catch the big ones.A great spot for saltwater fishing is on picturesque Tybee Island Beach, which has clear water and white sand. On the way to the beach you’ll pass through beautiful Old Town Savannah and Savannah River, which is also good for freshwater fishing.While there, be sure to take one of the many scenic riverside boat tours. Savannah is a fun, relaxing, and gay-friendly summer get-away, whether you fish or not.

Washington, D.C.
By John Fugate

Washington, D.C. is one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been to! This year I will be there for the Fourth of July! When I get off the plane at Dulles International, I’m heading to The Capital Hilton in downtown D.C.While there I like to visit Mount Vernon, & Arlington National Cemetery to visit John F. Kennedy’s gravesite.The real fun starts at night, with a twilight tour on a double-decker bus. All of the nation’s great wonders look even better when illuminated, especially the new ballpark, where the Nationals play.

Then I head to Fur nightclub off of Patterson St, in northeastern D.C. It has a large dance floor with great music. After that I like to wind down at one of the city’s intimate cafes.Then I’ll head back to the beautiful hotel for a nice night’s sleep! What a wonderful city, with nice people and great attractions both – patriotic and gay!

Camp Mars
By Dennis Jozefowicz

Though still in the state Florida, Camp Mars really is a getaway from the everyday local scene, without leaving the gay scene behind.

Located in the city of Venus (you see where the name comes from), it’s a very wooded campground surrounded by nothing but farms and fields. Bring an RV, a tent, or rent a cabin, or a “yurt,” and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow men.

The clubhouse and facilities are quite clean, and every weekend has a different theme with events and parties.The clothing-optional pool area is perfect for cooling off in the hot summer heat.

Everyone is there to relax and get away, and you can be as quiet or as social as you want to be.The campground has a set of rules that everyone respects, so that everyone can feel comfortable.They cater to the bear and leather scene, but everyone is welcome, they let me in. For info, go to

Zu?rich: Go Natural
By A. Sebastian Fortino

Whether you sip a beer along the Limmat River, attend a public concert on the Landesmuseum grounds, spend the day bathing in the Lake of Zu?rich, or sit high on an alpine peak, such as the Rothorn, listening to the never-ending reverberations of cowbells on the valley floor below, you will find that Switzerland is a gay friendly, perfectly natural summer retreat.

Zu?rich, as it’s cosmopolitan, boasts efficient public transport, and its central location makes it an excellent place to visit Switzerland. Germany, and the gorgeous mouth of the Rhine, are less than two hours away, as is shopping destination Milan. Despite being so “chic,” the Swiss know their country is a majestic natural treasure. On any given weekend, it’s quite ordinary to rough it high on a mountain, and then return to Zu?ri—as it’s affectionately known—for a gourmet meal and dancing in the Old Town. For more info, visit

London, Feel the Surge of Energy
By Pier Angelo Guidugli

The weight of history gives authority even to the sleazi- est streets here.The panorama never fails to enchant. Every spire, tower, building and park merges against the horizon, as if put there by the unseen hand of an artist sitting on the edge of the Thames. It’s an artifact, an ever-evolving water- color canvas.

London, is the gay “centre” of Europe and the beating heart of Cool Britannia. London rolled out the red carpet to the pink dollar long before it became fashionable.There are over 600 fun-
loving gay watering holes, eateries, shops and guesthouses. Have a spot of lunch or high tea, at famed department store Harvey Nicks, where Patsy and Edina of Absolutely Fabulous spent most of their time.

Explore the gay capital and you’ll find gay and lesbian film and arts festivals, all colorful outdoor celebrations of pride.

Sense the familiar and the foreign. Experience the best of the past and the present, and take the London Underground wherever you wish to go!

By Penn Bullock

As a destination for LGBT travelers, the Asian island city-state of Singapore isn’t an obvious pick. Male-on-male sex is a crime under its draconian colonial British law. But the prohibition is a formality: The government has continually reiterated its tolerance of homosexuality.The country reportedly has as many, if not more, gay men than London. If you peel back its conservative veneer, you’ll find a thriving, if understated, gay night-life teeming with lots of pretty men and women.

Singapore abounds with luxurious gay bathhouses: One of the most gloriously seedy is Raw, a four-storey, 24-hour “gym” with a rooftop Jacuzzi, an underground spa, a labyrinth of private rooms, and regular Friday night foam parties.The swank clubs and bars are centered in Chinatown and usually have a nice mix of Western and Asian patrons. Make no mistake: Singapore is a first-world country and it’s got world-class shopping and hotels to prove it. It’s located at the center of Asia, so it’s only ever a short flight from hot spots elsewhere on the continent.

For more info, visit, and click on the Singapore section.


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