Justin S. Flippen

  • Column: Becoming Clean, Green, and Resilient!

    Despite opinions to the contrary, we can say for sure that climate change, rising seas, and increasing extreme weather events are real. And let’s face it, we are the Island City. As such, we are subject to tides, flooding, extreme weather, and increasingly high temperatures. As city officials, it is our job to plan to keep our infrastructure - like underground water and sewer pipes, roads, and other city assets - sound and resistant to the impacts of climate change. 

  • Column: Keeping a Sound City Budget

    The City Commission has approved the 2019-2020 Wilton Manors budget of almost $39 million. While small by most city comparisons, the budget is big to us, and encompasses new programming, capital improvements, and programmed costs for employee health care and collective bargaining agreements. It also maintains the recommended unassigned fund balance percentage of 17%. 

  • Column: Parking, and Pooches, and Art (Oh, my!)

    We all know that finding a place to park on Wilton Drive is tough, and the construction has made it even challenging. Working with the Wilton Drive Improvement District (WDID) and as a tool to help business, the City Commission decided last month to suspend parking enforcement during the day until the roadway construction is finished at the end of September.

  • Column: Planning and Pride

    Planning and pride matter to Wilton Manors. They both can define and help guide a community and demonstrate what’s important to people who see themselves as neighbors and stakeholders with a long term vested interest in their city’s future.

  • Flippen to Run for Mayor of Wilton Manors

    On Monday morning, Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Justin Flippen announced he’s running for mayor in 2018.

  • Guest Column: Keep Judge Robert Lee on the Broward Bench

    Just a few years ago, Broward County could boast having 6 openly LGBT judges on its state court bench. Now, with the recent retirement of Judge Lisa Porter, we have only three. And if a North Broward traffic ticket attorney has his way, by January 2019, we will have only two.

  • Letter to the Editor: Transgender Healthcare Discrimination Must End

    On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, the Wilton Manors City Commission discussed an agenda item regarding gender confirmation benefit options being added to the city’s employee healthcare plan. The discussion included personal testimonies from members of the audience. I was moved by the struggles and tribulations transgender constituents within and outside our community are experiencing as a result of rampant discrimination within the mainstream healthcare system. And while much of the discussion was on the financial cost of coverage to the city, cost to employees, and where the money would come from, an essential fact was overlooked.

  • New Officials Sworn Into Office

    The swearing-in ceremony for Wilton Manors’ newly elected mayor and two commissioners on Nov. 13 drew a standing-room only crowd, media coverage and much applause.

  • Wilton Manors Strategic Plan: Roadmap To Our Future

    As we prepare for and enter 2019, allow me to first and foremost wish you and yours a Happy New Year. 

  • Wilton Manors Votes Straight Gay

    Voters on Tuesday elected the city’s first all LGBT commission, choosing Justin Flippen as mayor in a landslide victory, as well as veteran politician Gary Resnick and city activist Paul Rolli as its two new commissioners.