Adjusting Lives for Over 20 Years

Dr. Troy Lomasky has become a Wilton Manors mainstay. Over the past decade, he has earned a reputation for being the best chiropractor in town.

The Brooklyn, New York, native began his career as a chiropractic physician nearly 20 years ago when he interned for the Joseph brothers’ practice in Plantation. Impressed with his work, the brothers asked Lomasky to head up a new office. Soon after, he opened his own practice, Coast Chiropractic Injury and Wellness Center on Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, where he remained for 10 years.


So what brought Lomasky to Wilton Manors?

“I was looking for a new location and a realtor friend of mine suggested I take a look at this building,” he says. Years later, he still operates out of the same location.

Lomasky credits his growth and success as a respected physician to treating each patient with dignity and respect. “I treat each patient the way I wanted to be treated, like family” says Lomasky. “I don’t invite all of them over to my house for a BBQ, but I make them feel at home when they visit my office.”

A thorough consultation, physical exam, and x-rays are given to each patient by Lomasky in order to specifically diagnose the patient’s problem and to make certain they are placed on the appropriate treatment plan. “We utilize the most up-to-date techniques to ensure patient comfort and responsiveness,” he says. In order to provide a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, Lomasky works closely with other local providers.

Some of the most popular services offered by Coast Chiropractic include nutritional counseling, diet and weight-loss counseling, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy and spinal adjustments.

“The spinal adjustment removes pressure on your nerves and rebalances your body structure. It's a very powerful procedure,” he says. The moment a chiropractor implements an adjustment, hundreds of bodily functions and activities are affected, including the flow of nerve impulses over the spinal cord. “There’s nothing better for a person’s overall health and well-being than an adjustment. It can increase a person’s range of motion as well.”

Now for a brief medical lesson: The body is always trying to re-align or adjust your spine. The back muscles are continuously working to pull the vertebra back to where it belongs. A chiropractor doesn't actually put the vertebra back into place, but supplies the little bit of force needed to free the vertebra so that the body will re-align itself.

Whether you need an adjustment or suffer from back pain as a result of an injury, Lomasky and his team always make you feel welcomed.

For more information on Dr. Troy Lomasky and Coast Chiropractic, visit



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