Wilton Drive

  • Businesses Have Mixed Feelings Over Wilton Drive Project 

    (WMG) Matt LaMariana gets annoyed every time he looks out the window of his business at 2365 Wilton Manors Drive and sees the congestion caused by construction crews.

  • Chardee’s Lounge Coming Back

    Tony Dee is resurrecting Chardee’s.

  • City Moves to Fund Wilton Drive Landscape/Streetscape Plan

    To improve the aesthetic look of Wilton Drive, once the Florida Department of Transportation reduces the number of lanes from four to two, Wilton Manors has hired Metro Consulting Group.

  • City Officials Seek Input on Wilton Drive Lane Reduction

    Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale officials joined together Tuesday at Fort Lauderdale High School to discuss the lane narrowing of Northeast 4 Avenue and Wilton Drive with their respective residents and business owners. Those who attended talked to officials, asked questions and were given cards to make comments on.

  • City Wants Andrews Ave. To Be Next Wilton Drive

    Hoping to repeat the success of Wilton Drive, city officials have put out a call for a consultant to help spur the redevelopment of Oakland Park Boulevard and Andrews Avenue.

  • Column: Patience in a High-Speed World 

    Everything today seems to be based on speed. How fast is your data plan? How fast can my food delivery be at the front door? How soon will my Uber be pulling up? How quickly can Starbucks get a triple venti half soy no-foam latte placed in front of an impatient, multi-tasking customer. 

  • Courtyard Cafe Staff to Give Out 500 Meals Saturday

    The staff of Courtyard Cafe is sponsoring a food giveaway on Saturday from noon till they run out.

  • Design Concept For Wilton Drive Chosen

    In a city where equality for individuals is heavily promoted, commissioners want that same for Wilton Drive.

  • Economic Development Plan Emphasizes Tri-Rail, Wilton Drive

    If Wilton Manors wants to significantly improve its economic situation, its needs to make four things happen: get a Tri-Rail station, reduce lanes on Wilton Drive, get a boutique hotel, and identify itself more.

  • Free Wilton Drive Shuttle to Start Tonight

    The city’s free Wilton Drive shuttle service starts tonight, March 30, and runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The shuttle, which was implemented by officials to help alleviate some of the parking problems along Wilton Drive, will run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursdays to Sundays.

  • Longtime Wilton Drive Restaurateur Honored by Commission

    Carol Moran may hold the record for the most bars and restaurants opened on Wilton Drive. In her 18-year history here, Moran opened Kicks Sports Bar, New Moon, and 13 | EVEN.

  • Manors Double Gay Murder Case Goes to Jury

    As this edition of SFGN goes to press, the 8-year-old murder case of partners Kevin Mark Powell and Steve Adams has been turned over to a Broward County jury for final deliberations on the guilt of the accused, Peter Serge Avsenew, now 34 years old.

  • MPO Approves Wilton Drive Lane Reduction

    The lane reduction of Wilton Drive has been approved by the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization Board [MPO].

  • Opening Line, July 20 2016

    Trump Picks Pence As VP

    Rob Bullock: I lived in Indiana. He is a homophobic, anti-women's rights, slashed money from 4-year state colleges and ignored the states failing roads and infra-structure while bragging about building a $2 billion surplus. He and his cronies gave millions in tax-credits to companies for jobs that never materialized and have done everything than can to hide this fact.

    Barry Davis: Well Pence had to do something. He certainly wouldn't get reelected in IN...he's only got a 39% approval rating. Trump & Pence...now the race is twice as creepy!

    James Smith: TP for your bunghole 2016!


    GOP Platform Most Anti-LGBT Ever

    Warren A. Baxter: Lincoln would never be a republican today. At least not this corrupt Republican Party.

    Joe Lagana: they are no longer the party of Lincoln. They haven't been for a while now.

    Steve Johnson: nothing new here.


    Letter Writer Takes Issue With Progress Bar Towing Cars

    Tommy Peek: I would almost agree with the letter...EXCEPT... The parking lot is clearly marked and as per the letter, already known that they will tow. So, bottom line.. The rules DO apply to you. As you obviously discovered. Sucks to get towed, but I'd bet you won't let it happen again. Sometimes life lessons can be quite expensive.

    Joel S. Slotnick: It stinks beyond stink. But in general days of the bars working in tandem are long gone. It has become so cut-throat. Everyone tows, there are meters everywhere. And from what I understand, one of the lots that is free during the day and charges you to park at night will be having meters or a pay machine installed in the not too distant future. Wilton Drive is going to put itself 6 ft under and wonder why..........The friendly is slowly going away. Sad.........

    Tz Terri: Rudest bar on the drive and I'm not referring about the towing issuer.

    Steven William Talbert: I've only been to Progress Bar twice. Both times it became obvious that their servers ignore patrons over the age of 40.

    Steven AlanAlan: Sad, crying, and memorizing does not justify parking in a private lot without consequences.

  • Opening Line: Wilton Drive Re-design, Proposed Local Condo Project & More!

  • Police Looking for Mugging Suspects; $3,000 reward offered

    A $3,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of two suspects who assaulted and robbed a Wilton Manors resident at 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 12 at the corner of Northeast 21 Court and Northeast 1 Avenue, near Wilton Drive.

  • Progress Bar Responds to Last Week’s Attack

    To the Community I love,

  • Rick's Reviews: My Two Cents - Random Thoughts on Wilton’s Dining Scene

    In the ever-changing culinary landscape that is Wilton Manors, a food writer always has something to consider and mull over. Recently I’ve been thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of the WilMa dining scene.

  • Some Businesses Worried As Wilton Drive Project Begins

    The buzz from John Montgomery’s hair clippers droned softly as he styled a customer’s hair at Ron’s Barbershop on a lazy Saturday afternoon and watched cars whiz by. 

  • Soul Comes to Wilton Drive

    Jazz, R&B, pop, soul…whatever genre of music you can imagine, it’s imbedded in the voices of LeNora Jaye and Antonio Edwards -- singers who perform weekly at the cabaret room at Georgie’s Alibi/Monkey Bar in Wilton Manors.