• Broward Cops Detain Porn Icon

    You remember Matthew Rush, don’t ya? The porn star from the 2000s. Allegedly, with a monster-size cock.

  • Campaign Urges Action to Honor the Victims of Pulse 

    This week marks three years since the massacre at Pulse in Orlando. In one of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history, 49 people were killed and 53 others injured. In the aftermath, many looked for ways to honor the victims, survivors, and their loved ones. 

  • Cruz Flip Flops On Dildo Ban

    U.S. Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, on the eve of New York’s primary election, faces questions about his position on the use of sex toys.

    A story surfaced last week in Mother Jones Magazine that Cruz, during his tenure as Texas Solicitor General, argued individuals have no legal right to use sex toys – even in the privacy of their own homes.

    In 2007, Cruz co-wrote an 83-page brief arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court “has never suggested that the substantive-due-process doctrine ensures individuals’ ability to stimulate their genitals in ways that are neither connected to procreation nor associated with any particular lifestyle.”

    Cruz, seeking to catch front-runner Donald Trump in the race for the Republican Party’s nomination, appears to have modified his views on dildos, vibrators and other items of pleasure. In an interview with New York’s WABC Radio, the Texas Senator down played the controversy.

    “Look, of course not, it’s a ridiculous question, and of course not,” Cruz told the station when asked if he would ban sex toys. “What people do in their own private time with themselves is their own business and it’s none of government’s business.”

    Heading into Tuesday’s election, polls have Cruz trailing Trump by double digits in the Empire State.

  • Heal Your Bum With Foria

    Look out poppers, there’s a new product on the market to ease anal entry.

  • Instagram Account Caught With Its Pants Down

    Showing your ass can be a liberating experience.

  • Jailed Porn Actor Released To Mother

    A Florida Circuit Court let a young porn actor out of jail last Friday.

  • King Cobra: Murder and mayhem in the dark world of gay porn

    For a while Brent Corrigan was gay porn's wildly popular Twink golden boy. Everything went horribly wrong when Bryan Kocis, the porn auteur who made Corrigan a star, was brutally murdered. The culprits were competing pornographers who wanted to buy out Corrigan's contract--Kocis had refused.

  • Kinkster Feared Dead

    Friends of porn actor Chris Burke are telling news organizations he is dead.

  • Unveils Capt. America Parody

    The social media campaign to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend is catching on in the porn world. On June 25, released a trailer for its upcoming Captain America gay porn parody.

  • New Gay App Promises Real Time Meet Ups

    Having trouble hooking up on Grindr? Scruff? Yea so are we!

  • News Anchor Becomes Porn Titan

    Porn actors, by and large, do have a past life.

  • Porn Pulse: HBO's 'The Deuce'

    James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal are sensational in HBO's "The Deuce," a new, serialized docudrama about the birth and rise of New York's porn industry, circa 1971-72.

  • Porn Pulse: Local Porn Star ‘Laying Low’ After Meth Bust

    A week after being busted for meth, porn star Matthew Rush announced he is “laying low.”

  • Porn Pulse: Man Tricked Straight Guys; Posted Secret Sex Films Online

    A South Florida man was sentenced to three years in prison Monday for taping himself having sex with at least 80 unsuspecting men to produce Internet porn videos, according to The Miami Herald.

  • Porn Pulse: Paper Dreams - Porn Before Porn

    Toby Ross, one of the more notable porn auteurs from the early 1970s, now offers his fans a porn history lesson. In the 75-minute documentary "Paper Dreams" Ross fondly recalls the "nudie cutie" magazines which titillated gay men during the years before the filmed porn industry became legal.

  • Porn Pulse: Porn Studio Noir Male ‘A Lie' According to Actor

    Adult film actor Jacen Zhu announced that due to problems with black representation, he would no longer be working with Noir Male, the studio founded by award-winning adult film director and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue.

  • Porn Pulse: Remember Those Campy T & A Lesbian Skin Flicks?

    Wolfe Video, a lesbian-owned label based in the San Jose, California area, offers this pair of surprisingly sensitive, if slightly campy lesbian melodramas.

  • Porn Pulse: Seed Money - Doc Chronicles the History of Legendary Falcon Studios

    Chuck Holmes (1945-2000) founded Falcon Studios because he was tired of the cheap, sleazy porn which was being offered to audiences during the early 1970s. Holmes wanted to pleasure himself to films which offered decent production values and attractive models who looked like they were enjoying themselves. He founded Falcon so that he could watch the kind of films that he wanted to see.

  • Porn Pulse: Titan Men Dishes On New Career

    With hurricanes wreaking havoc it seems appropriate to mention that former weatherman turned porn star Dallas Steele is back in the headlines.

  • Porn Studio Goes Boldly Into The Final Frontier knows no boundaries.