• 12,500 Miles, and Into Your Arms

    Beautiful Evie (ID 569042) came from a meat farm in South Korea where she lived with 200 other dogs.  The dogs would eventually have been slaughtered and served as food.  She and nine other dogs traveled over 12,500 miles to find their forever homes with loving families in South Florida.  The other dogs went to shelters across the country.  Evie is approximately 2 years old and is a Jindo mix.  She is a bit shy, but with lots of TLC she will be your best friend.  Can Evie be part of your family?

  • A Ball Of Pride

    Adorable Annie (ID 604267) is 7 months old, 16 pounds and full of love.  She is a little shy until she gets to know you, and might do well in a home with another dog.


    Historians and anthropologists say that our relationship with humans started 15,000 years ago when, with the development of agriculture, your forebears became more sedentary.

  • A Good Boy

    Fun-loving fellow looking for an active family…can you make his wish come true?  Abraham (ID 570748) is a one-year-old, 66-pound Doberman pinscher mix who has lots of spirit.  He loves to play ball, is good with other dogs and older kids.  Abraham would benefit from going to obedience classes so he can learn how to be the perfect gentleman.  Can he be part of your family?

  • A Plan For Your Pet

    Most people don’t want to think about it, let alone know what their options are. That is: what will happen to their pet after they die or can no longer provide adequate care.

  • A Star With Stripes

    Are you looking for a big, loveable, feline to be part of your family?  If so, the one and only Garfield (ID 571433) is waiting to meet you at the Humane Society of Broward County.  He is a 7 year young, 16 pound fellow, who gets along with other felines, is very sweet and out-going and he likes to cuddle.  Can Garfield make memories with you?

  • Adoption: A Better Life Ahead

    One year old Onyx (ID 580971) had a family that loved her, but when they lost their home and ended up living in a U-Haul truck, they wanted a better life for their girl so they brought her and her sister to the shelter. The girls are a little shy, but given what they have been through it is understandable. Onyx is sweet and affectionate once she gets use to you and will do best in a quiet home. Can you give her the loving home she deserves?

  • Adoption: A Marvelous Pup

    Marvelous Maggie (ID 577626) is a three year old, American Staffordshire terrier mix who adores kids and loves to be with people. Maggie walks well on a leash, is potty-trained and enjoys being splashed with a water hose.

  • Adoption: A Really Good Boy

    After having the same family for most of his life, Toke (ID 582430) is eager to find another family to love.  This fellow, is an 8 year young, 28 pound Corgi mix who could lose a pound or two.  He is incredibly  sweet, gets along with other dogs, is good with kids and loves to meet new people.  Toke is also potty-trained.  This cutie is sure to put a smile on your face as he smothers you with love. 

  • Adoption: Always on the Run!

    Sweet Stella (ID 522379) is looking for an active family who will play with her, give her lots of toys and lots of love.  Stella is a 2 year old, 70 pound gal who loves to run and play.  She is good with kids and other dogs and she has a big heart.  Will you be Stella’s new best friend?

  • Adoption: Archer & Arrow

    If you want to double your fun, you can adopt two feline and pay one adoption fee and four month old brothers Archer (ID 578119) and Arrow (ID 578120) hope you will do just that. This duo previously lived with kids ages seven and up and they get along with other pets. They are sweet, playful and have outgoing personaltiies...the only thing missing is a family to love. Can they be a part of your family?

  • Adoption: Bundles of Furbabies

    Pepper (ID 574954) and Casper (ID 574953) are three year old sisters who are looking for a home where they can stay together.  Can you make their wish come true?  This lovely duo get along with other cats and dogs and with their long luxurious coats, will need a family who can devote time to brushing them so they are always looking their best.  Now you can adopt these sisters and pay just one $30 adoption…might just be the best money you spend this month.

  • Adoption: Craving Your Attention

    Two year old Rocky (ID 585620) is a 74 pound chocolate Labrador retriever mix who is looking for an active family.  This fellow is super playful, is good with other dogs and cats, and likes people of all ages.  Rocky is super playful and loves attention.  Can this fun-loving fellow be part of your family?

  • Adoption: Dress-Up Dog

    Lovely Lucille (ID 584931) wants to spend this holiday season and many more with you. She is a 2 year young, Labrador retriever mix that came from another shelter where not a lot of people go to adopt. The trainers at the Humane Society of Broward County say Lucille likes treats, walks perfectly on a leash and is super sweet. She also doesn’t mind playing dress-up. Can you make Lucille’s wish come true and give her a home for life?

  • Adoption: Gentle Souls


    How a gentleman like Luke (ID 582793) has found himself homeless at 9 years old is a question that no one who has met him yet can answer. Luke was found as a stray in Naples, FL and no one ever came looking for him.  After Hurricane Irma, he was brought to the Humane Society of Broward County to be placed up for adoption.  Don’t let his age deter you, Luke is playful, but also well behaved.  He is calm, sweet, obedient, gets along with kids and is potty-trained.  Luke is heartworm positive, so he’ll need an adopter that lives close to the Humane Society of Broward County as the shelter will pay for and treat Luke as an outpatient.  Can this young at heart fellow be part of your family? 

  • Adoption: Get Yourself A Big Boy

    Big, handsome Bruce (ID 575948) wants you to come and meet him.  At 6 years young and 101 pounds there is a lot of this American Bulldog mix to love!  Sadly after having a home his entire life, the landlord said he had to go.  Bruce is super sweet, was submissive to the small dogs that lived in the home, knows basic command and is potty-trained.  Remember it’s not how big you are but how well behaved and Bruce really is a good boy who is looking for a family to love…could it be you?

  • Adoption: Give Her a Piece of Your Heart

    If you’re looking to add a sweet treat to your home, Kit Kat (ID 575432) is waiting to meet you.  Kit Kat is a 3-year-old, 21-pound fellow who is affectionate, enjoys playing with string toys and catnip and he even likes belly rubs…he is not your typical feline.  Kit Kat will do best in a home with older kids who can keep him entertained.   Can he be part of your family?

  • Adoption: Great With Kids

    Four year old Olive (ID 586879) is looking for a better life, can you make her wish come true?  In her previous home this beauty had to live outside all the time.   Olive is a bit shy at first, especially around some adults, but she is good with kids of all ages once she gets to know them.  Olive likes to play with dogs that are her own size, and would benefit from a family that can spend lots of time with her to help her settle in.  Can you make her wish come true and give her the loving home she deserves?

  • Adoption: Hello, Bright Eyes!

    Euro (ID 581549) came all the way from an overcrowded shelter in Puerto Rico to find his forever home.  As you can tell from his photo, three year old Euro loves toys and hopes to have plenty to play with.   Can you give Euro the loving home he deserves?  The adoption fee for dogs over 6 months is $100.

  • Adoption: Hop Into Your Heart

    Sweet Davie (ID 582811) is an amazing bunny, who is curious, sweet and doesn’t mind being picked up.  At 5 ½ pounds and just a year old, Davie wants to hop into your heart and home.  He and nine other rabbits where brought to the Humane Society of Broward County from Collier County Animal Services in Naples after hurricane Irma.  The shelter there was without power and water, and the staff wanted to make the animals as comfortable as possible so the brought them to the HSBC for adoption.