• Letter to the Editor: Tony Adams is the Hypocrite

    Publisher's Note: SFGN apologizes to Tony Adams for a headline he feels was personally and professionally damaging. The headline in the March 28, 2018 issue, "Tony Adams is the Hypocrite," does not reflect the opinion of SFGN but was intended to reflect the content of a letter to the editor.



    I would like to address some of the issues I have with the 3/14/18 article by Tony Adams, “Vatican Vice.” To begin with, the topic is not Vatican vice but homosexual priests and a male prostitute in Naples, Italy. The male prostitute is euphemistically called a “male escort” in the otherwise salacious headline. (His name Mangiacapra means “eat” “goat” in Italian, which may be related to mangiacaparra, a “cheat or swindler.”)

  • Pimp Plaza and Hungarian Sex-Slaves: Florida Sees Wide Range of Prostitution Cases

    Updated with response from FL Rep. David Richardson and Gill Foundation. 

    A case of a pimp building debt inside a Florida correctional facility was one of multiple topics discussed during a presentation last month in Tallahassee.

  • CEO Pleads Guilty to Promoting Prostitution

    (AP) The chief executive officer of a once-popular male escort website pleaded guilty on Friday to promoting prostitution in a federal case that prompted accusations of anti-gay bias.

  • Tony's Talks: An Anti-gay Cardinal And A Gay Prostitute Are Bedfellows In Italy

    In Naples, Italy, handsome young Francesco Mangiacapra is a self-identified “marchettaro,” a male prostitute servicing gay men. The Cardinal Archbishop of Naples is 74 year-old Crescenzio Sepe, who was made a Cardinal by Pope Saint John Paul II, and had a terrific Vatican career before his star crashed when he was farmed out to Naples by Pope Benedict XVI under a cloud of financial corruption.