• 'Zaps' Transformed the Gay Protest

    It was 1973 and Mark Segal, was sitting in the CBS studios watching America’s most trusted newsman, Walter Cronkite, conduct the evening news live. A journalism student, Segal was given a pass into the tiny studio to learn more about broadcast — but he had much more planned that night.

  • ‘First Comes Love’: Capturing Love In Pictures

    When the “First Comes Love” Project began in March of 2009, the country had just inaugurated a fair-minded President, yet in the same election, Proposition 8, outlawing LGBTQ marriages in California, was passed. The Defense of Marriage Act was the law of the land. Now five years later, DOMA has been declared unconstitutional and Proposition 8 has been defeated…for good. But the work is not done. There are still many states in the USA where gay marriages are illegal and the relationships are not recognized. While the tide is rolling across the country to provide equal rights to all citizens, there remains a deep misunderstanding of the relationships in the LGBTQ community. New laws do not always change minds. Understanding is the only weapon to combat hatred, bigotry, violence, and bullying towards LGBTQ individuals and couples of all ages. This project serves to provide a new perspective on the issue and illuminate the real life stories of the couples involved by educating those outside of the LGBTQ community, while celebrating those who are a part.

  • ‘Six Words:’ Documentary explores LGBT rights in Jacksonville

    The absence of six words in Jacksonville’s human rights ordinance gives business owners the right to refuse service to a gay man, allows a landlord to not rent to a transgender person, or give the freedom to a boss to fire his lesbian employee.

  • 10 Best LGBT Films Every Straight Person Should See

    The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) recently announced its membership’s picks for their second “GALECA 10 Best” list: The 10 Best LGBTQ Films Every Straight Person Should See.

  • 10 Hot Tickets for Fall

  • 10 HOT Winter & Spring Tickets

  • A ‘Soundtrack to Freedom’

    Ari Gold releases vibrant collection

  • A Chat With Out Filmmaker David DeCoteau

    Out filmmaker David DeCoteau has been directing movies for about 30 years. From “The Brotherhood”and “Voodoo Academy”series to the “666”and “1313”horror franchises, he has directed more than 100 pictures including the gay classic “Leather Jacket Love Story.” In the last 28 months, DeCoteau has shot 28 films.

  • A Look a Crystal Meth

    They know the effects. They’ve seen the damage. And enough and is enough.

  • A New Way of Healing: This latest fad isn’t for the faint of heart

    Do you know what Glutathione is?

  • A Profile of Sean Strub, Founder of POZ Magazine

    A politician, an activist, a journalist, an author, a survivor.

  • A&E: A Look at Spring Theater

    (Mirror) Theater is springing up all over South Florida — as the balmy days turn sweltering, regional theaters provide an entertaining way to escape the heat and the realities of the everyday world. 

  • An Open Letter to the LGBT Community from Pride Fort Lauderdale

    First of all, I am writing this to the readers of SFGN, Hot Spots, and the Agenda in my capacity as the chairman of Pride of Greater Fort Lauderdale.

  • And the Winner is…..William Ivey Long

    “Who doesn’t like talking about what they do for love?” asked Tony Award-winning costume designer William Ivey Long. “Of course, I’m paraphrasing Marvin Hamlisch.”

  • Andy White, Drummer on 'Love Me Do' and a 'Fifth Beatle,' Dies

    (CNN) -- The man who played drums on the U.S.-released version of the Beatles' song "Love Me Do" died this week, his wife told CNN.

  • Another Remarkable Year for Gay Life

    It's so incredibly significant that Time magazine has put a transgender person on their cover in June, calling their challenge the 'next civil rights battle.'

  • Aquafest: We Are Family

    (Mirror) Before Tom Baker packs his bags and flies south to host a seven-day Luxury Boutique Machu Picchu Tour, which will be followed by a three-day Amazon cruise, he is eager to talk about his lifelong calling: travel. 

  • Artist Spotlight: Art is a Second Coming Out for ‘Vocal’ Vigorito

    (Mirror) It’s not odd to abandon childhood dreams as one gets older. But some look back and think about those early interests, maybe feeling a tinge of regret.

  • As More Awareness For Trans Issues Comes To Light, Agender People Are Coming Out Of The Shadows

    Ben Schwarts is neither male nor female. The 23-year-old identifies as agender and uses the pronoun “they” instead of he or she.

  • At Home: Playwright Tony Finstrom

    Playwright Tony Finstrom is passionate about theater. Besides writing his own plays, he is an associate producer for Jan McArt’s New Play Reading Series at Lynn University, a judge for the regional Carbonell Awards, the organizer of the Theater League’s Silver Palm Awards and a patron of several local theater companies.