• 'Life-Saving' Marijuana Measure On Its Way To Scott

    THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, May 2, 2014..........Standing in front of a salad bar in the basement of the Capitol on Friday afternoon, Holley Moseley could not keep from smiling.

  • 10 Things to Know About Nation's First Recreational Marijuana Shops in Colorado

    DENVER (CNN) -- Colorado will begin allowing recreational marijuana sales on January 1 to anyone age 21 or over.

  • 114 Citations Issued in City Cannabis Program

    Since it began in early 2017, the Wilton Manors Police Department has issued a total of 114 citations for individuals caught with under 20 grams of cannabis on their person. In 2017, 79 citations were issued and 42 paid. This year, 35 have been issued and 11 paid.

  • AHF Tight-Lipped On Florida Marijuana Regulations

    The largest global AIDS service organization is taking a neutral position on medical marijuana in Florida.

  • Alaska Becomes Third State With Legal Marijuana

    JUNEAU, Alaska - Smoking, growing and possessing marijuana becomes legal in America's wildest state Tuesday, thanks to a voter initiative aimed at clearing away 40 years of conflicting laws and court rulings.

  • Amendment 2 Brings Reason and Common Sense to Cannabis Laws

    The voters of Florida have an opportunity on Nov. 4 to amend our constitution, and make cannabis legally available to patients with debilitating medical conditions. It's a cause you should support, because it is an initiative, which heals rather than harms, helps rather than hurts.

  • Amendment 2 Supporters Unleash Ground Game

    Responding to recent polls showing support for the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida waning, supporters for Amendment 2 remain confident in victory.

  • Another Pot Hearing Sought To Clear Up Proposed Rule

    THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, February 19, 2015…… The Florida Department of Health will hold another hearing to clear up confusion about a proposed medical marijuana rule published after a marathon meeting earlier this month.

  • Big Story: Kim Davis Jailed, County Issues Licenses, Protests Begin

  • Bono, Clooney, Kardashian Part of All-Star Campaign for AIDS

    NEW YORK -- Would you like to spend quality time with George Clooney as he showers you with compliments?

  • Broward Downgrades Penalty for Pot Possession

    Pot smokers busted by cops in Broward County with a joint or a baggy of marijuana could walk away with a civil fine and a clean criminal record.

  • Broward Sets Hearing on Medical Marijuana Shops

    Medical marijuana shops could crop up on Broward’s main thoroughfares.

  • Business Spotlight: 4health 'Simplifying Medical Marijuana Cards'

    4Health Medical Marijuana Certifications clinic in Plantation has simplified the process of obtaining your state issued medical use card. Open since June, the clinic is housed in a professional office setting and most patients complete their office visit in under an hour. Clinic administrator Angie Maione says that the goal at 4Health is to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. “Our patients are typically suffering with ailments like including chronic pain, cancer, severe anxiety, depression and a host of other chronic conditions. The last thing we want to do is provide barriers for obtaining a medical marijuana use card.”

    4Health is providing a different experience for patients. Many clinics are housed in strip malls with what Maione calls a “Turn them and burn them mentality.” She warns the many clinics are taking advantage of patients and providing misinformation about how often they need to see a physician and ultimately costing patients more.

    All certifying physicians at 4health have left their medical practices to focus solely on helping medical marijuana patients. According to Maione, “We are not a side business for a physician, we only work with doctors who are committed to natural methods of healing and believe in the medicinal properties of medical marijuana.”

    If you'd like to join the many people who are reducing the number of toxic pharmaceuticals they take, medical marijuana may be right for you. New patients can call the office at
    754-529-HERB (4372) to set up an appointment to meet with a certifying physician and get entered into the state’s system.

  • Cannabis Conference Lands In Fort Lauderdale

    People dressed in business attire with jackets and suits. Many women wore dresses but they were of dark color fabric, projecting a serious image.

  • City to Revise Marijuana Dispensary Regulations

    In the wake of Oakland Park lifting its moratorium on medical marijuana treatment centers and dispensaries, Wilton Manors officials have begun the process of revising their own ordinances.

  • City Will Revisit Medical Marijuana Zoning

    Last year, the Wilton Manors Commission approved zoning restrictions for medical marijuana dispensaries in anticipation of their legalization. No dispensaries are currently located in the city but, if and when they do open, officials want to ensure they are limited to certain businesses districts.

  • Column: Gay vs. Pot Politics

    Parallel paths, different results

  • Commission Approves Medical Marijuana Retail Centers

    Wilton Manors will allow the operation of medical marijuana retail center dispensaries.

  • Commission Approves Restrictions On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    Medical marijuana legalization will be on the ballot this November and if it passes commissioners in Wilton Manors want to be ready to contain it.

  • Department Defends Proposed Pot Rule

    THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, March 2, 2015……Health regulators are on the defensive about their latest attempt to get the state's medical-marijuana industry up and running, rejecting criticism from a legislative oversight panel while trying to assuage concerns of parents of sick children.