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  • AHF Mum On Florida’s Marijuana Regulations

    The largest global AIDS service organization is taking a neutral position on medical marijuana in Florida.

  • As They Await Election Result, Entrepreneurs Poised for Medical Marijuana Market

    (SS) Medical marijuana-related businesses have been cropping up throughout South Florida — and eagerly await results of Tuesday's vote on Amendment 2.

  • Boy Scouts Change Policy On Gay Leaders

    (CNN) -- The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that it's lifting the ban on gay adults as Scout leaders.

  • Broward Judge Denies Marijuana Advocacy Group Request

    A Broward County judge has ruled in favor of Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes in a case involving mail-in ballots that omitted Amendment 2.

  • Business Spotlight: 4health 'Simplifying Medical Marijuana Cards'

    4Health Medical Marijuana Certifications clinic in Plantation has simplified the process of obtaining your state issued medical use card. Open since June, the clinic is housed in a professional office setting and most patients complete their office visit in under an hour. Clinic administrator Angie Maione says that the goal at 4Health is to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. “Our patients are typically suffering with ailments like including chronic pain, cancer, severe anxiety, depression and a host of other chronic conditions. The last thing we want to do is provide barriers for obtaining a medical marijuana use card.”

    4Health is providing a different experience for patients. Many clinics are housed in strip malls with what Maione calls a “Turn them and burn them mentality.” She warns the many clinics are taking advantage of patients and providing misinformation about how often they need to see a physician and ultimately costing patients more.

    All certifying physicians at 4health have left their medical practices to focus solely on helping medical marijuana patients. According to Maione, “We are not a side business for a physician, we only work with doctors who are committed to natural methods of healing and believe in the medicinal properties of medical marijuana.”

    If you'd like to join the many people who are reducing the number of toxic pharmaceuticals they take, medical marijuana may be right for you. New patients can call the office at
    754-529-HERB (4372) to set up an appointment to meet with a certifying physician and get entered into the state’s system.

  • Coffee & Conversation: Pride Center Schooled on Medical Marijuana Rules


    The dawning of medical marijuana’s legalized status was the topic of Tuesday morning’s Coffee and Conversation program at Pride Center.

  • Column: In Praise of The Don

    I was dreading the arrival of the circus. The thought of having to listen for months on end to a score of shallow Presidential Hopefuls made me shudder. Fortunately somebody is throwing a much-needed monkey wrench into the process.

  • Fort Lauderdale Waits For Tallahassee To Pass The Joint

    Count Fort Lauderdale among a growing list of Florida cities taking a wait and see approach on medical marijuana.

  • GOP Debate Field is Set: Trump, Bush In; Fiorina, Santorum Out

    CLEVELAND -- Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has scored the top spot for Thursday night's leadoff debate of the 2016 presidential race, joined by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and seven other Republican contenders who made the campaign's first cut.

  • Greg Louganis Says He Appreciates Fellow Olympian Jenner's Journey

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Greg Louganis said he was unaware of fellow Olympian Bruce Jenner's gender identity struggle when their paths crossed at the Summer 1976 Games and in later years.

  • LGBT Advocates Blast SEPTA Ruling

    LGBT advocates are blasting last week’s Commonwealth Court ruling that exempts SEPTA from Philadelphia’s antibias laws.

  • Medical Marijuana Approved; Solar-Energy Amendment Defeated

    (SS) With the passage of Amendment 2, the clock begins ticking this January for the Florida Department of Health, which has six months from then to come up with regulations governing Florida's new medical marijuana industry.

  • New Pot Rule Faces Legal Challenges

    The Florida Department of Health faces a legal challenge in its latest attempt to move forward with regulations for the state's new medical-marijuana industry.

  • News Briefs for July 29, 2015

    News briefs for this week from around the net.

  • Oakland Park Commission Places Moratorium On Medical Marijuana

    At Wednesday night’s meeting, Oakland Park Commissioners approved a moratorium on medical marijuana through Dec. 31, 2017.

  • Orgullo Concludes With Museum Park Carnival

    A month long celebration of Hispanic pride concludes Saturday at Museum Park in downtown Miami.

  • Prominent LGBT Activist Terry Bean's Sex Abuse Trial Rescheduled

    A Lane County judge has postponed the sex abuse trial of prominent gay rights activist Terry Bean to give investigators more time to track down the alleged 17-year-old victim, who has gone into hiding.

  • The Big Story 08.26.15 - The Ashley Madison Hack