Comment On: Driving wilton: Group Hopes to narrow traffic, improve safety on wilton drive (4/26):

Dear Letters to the Editor:

The members of the Main Street program in Wilton Manors could better serve their time joisting with windmills rather than wasting it attempting to get Empress Mayor Resnick and her court of Commissioner Jesters to lower themselves to the level of the common people and provide any sort of comfort in the form of shade trees on Wilton Drive.

The Main Street Program has been in existence for years and submitted various plans to each succeeding Emperor and Empress who have lorded it over the business owners and residents of Wilton Manors and not engaged the City in planting a single shade tree along Wilton Drive between the Drive the sidewalk to give shelter to shoppers and pedestrians from the unrelenting Florida summer sun.

Empress Resnick made sure that when she was one of the Commissioner Jesters that a new building would be constructed for her to rule from and that no shade providing trees would be planted along the front of the building, most likely as to not ruin the sport of watching speeding vehicles running over pedestrians on the Drive while no marked police vehicle is ever stationed on the Drive during busy business nights to slow down those speeding vehicles.

Empress Resnick and her Jesters know putting a vote about taking over Wilton Drive from the State and landscaping it with shade trees to the cash strapped voters of Wilton Manors will end up in defeat as only about 14% of the voters will most likely turn out as they did during the last election as the majority of registered voters seem more interested in dialing for Dick on the Internet rather than voting.

Marie Antoinette was quoted as saying, “Let Them Eat Cake,” in regard to her subjects starving with no bread to eat. While Empress Resnick sits in her newly built air conditioned City Hall office, the motto of devoid of shade Wilton Manors seems to be, “Let Them Bake.”

Richard ClaycombFort Lauderdale, FL




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