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When you dine at Mind Your Manors, there’s only four different prices you’ll pay, even though there are dozens of food options.

All appetizers and small plates are $9, soups and salads are $8, burgers and sandwiches are $13 and entrees are $17. There’s no extra cost from one burger over another; they are literally all the same price. New owners did that on purpose. They didn’t want you to sacrifice what you want to eat for cost. And it’s a good thing.

When the new owners took over late last year, they completely renovated the restaurant. While the restaurant has been open for more than two years, the updated version is just a couple months old. This well-lit gastropub showcases a gorgeous bar, a grass-filled wall, and instead of hiding in a dark bar, Mind Your Manors lets you eat and drink comfortably. Mindfully, you don’t need to hide.

When you come in, grab any of the two dozen beers in bottle or on tap. They’ve got local options, like a Funky Buddha brew from down the street, but domestic and foreign options are available, too. The main attraction, though, is the extensive wine list.

It’s constantly rotating and updating. New owners are self-proclaimed wine lovers. Sommeliers have visited only to gush about how amazing the list of nearly 50 options is, with two dozen reds alone. There are daily wine specials and half-off bottles every weekday until 7 p.m. If you can’t choose just one, try the wine flight: four small glasses filled with the wines of your choice for only $14.

While it’s a big part of Mind Your Manors, the bar isn’t the only part. Some food options got ditched while others got updated when the new owners took over. Old favorites like the MYM Burger with Brie Cheese stayed on. The specialty blend of meat is used for all burgers, but for this one, the custom blend is topped with caramelized onions, brie, and thick-cut bacon and house-made garlic mayo.

But there are some items that are new, including all the entrees. The grilled branzino — a Mediterranean sea bass — is a recent addition. The fish and chips is another. There’s also the chicken piccata and the braised short rib quesadillas. The lamb chops are a big favorite. Like the wine list, owners are constantly experimenting with what works and trying out new things. The longstanding chef special, the NY Strip steak, has been featured for so long it may get added to the menu soon because of its popularity. It’s only $19. There are other delicious specials, too. Sometimes the $10 mussels go so fast they run out before closing.

While you may head out for a date night treat, don’t discredit Mind Your Manors’ Sunday Brunch. From 11-3, there are a few different eggs benedict variations, frittatas, and sandwiches. There are $5 mimosas, too. While there are plenty of Sunday Funday options on the Drive, the Mind Your Manors choices will make them a new and favorable contender. And rightfully so.

Whether you show up for lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch, you won’t have to sacrifice taste for cost. Mind Your Manors will keep you coming back for more.


If You Go:

Mind Your Manors

2045 Wilton Drive

Wilton Manors, FL 33305


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