OutEats: Bistro 1902

When you meander around downtown Hollywood, you have nearly endless dining options, but you really don’t need them since Bistro 1902 should be your only stop.

For the last three years, Bistro 1902 has been dishing out high quality French cuisine to not only locals, but international visitors as well. Much of the staff speaks a variety of different languages, including Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and English.

The French décor is charming. The French music is delightful. But it’s the tasteful wine list and authentic French menu that is worth visiting.

Start off with the baked brie ($13): it’s topped with caramelized apples, a balsamic reduction, and a side of mixed greens. If you come with a small group, you may want to get two—it’s so good you may not be willing to share. It pairs nicely with Riesling. If you can’t contain yourself, the French onion soup gratiné ($7) and the lobster bisque ($9) are also delicious starters.

For your entrée, you can’t go wrong with the duck comfit ($25). Served with mashed potatoes, a vegetable medley, and topped with a porcini mushroom sauce, this is one of the biggest guest favorites.

Another favorite is the salmon filet ($22). Pan-seared, finished in the oven, and topped with a caramel pistachio sauce, the salmon is also served with rice and a vegetable medley. It’s cooked to perfection, and the pistachio sauce is a delicious compliment. If you still have room after your baked Brie, you must get the salmon.

Do not leave without dessert. It’s practically a must, since one of the most prized possessions of Bistro 1902 is an order of macarons. Flavors include vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, coffee, and chocolate, with six to an order. This French pastry is practically a delicacy. Eat them slow and enjoy them fully. Don’t be surprised when you open your eyes and see they are all gone.

If macarons aren’t your thing, definitely indulge in the French praline cake ($10). With a creamy hazelnut filling, topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and strawberries, this dessert may very well be your entire meal. And that’s not a bad thing.

While you may visit downtown Hollywood for so much of its charm, you’ll want to squeeze Bistro 1902 into your visit. With amazing food, friendly staff, and quaint décor, you won’t find anything more authentic and delicious as this French bistro.

If You Go:
Bistro 1902
1902 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020
Monday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.
Friday-Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-1 a.m.
Sunday, Noon-1 a.m.

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