OutEats: Andee’s Creamery

There are malts and shakes and sugar cones and waffle cones and splits and sodas. Oh my!

Oh yes: and samples are allowed.

Andee’s Creamery sits near the end of Wilton Drive. Whether you’re going before a night on the town, after the movies, or just because the craving strikes, there is not a bad flavor or combination around.

The ice cream shop has been around for some time, but new ownership took over in May. The place serves 32 of Hershey’s Ice Cream’s finest. Yes, you read that right: Hershey’s Ice Cream. But no, not that Hershey’s.

While both Hershey’s Ice Cream and Hershey’s Chocolate are both from Pennsylvania, Hershey’s chocolate comes from the city of Hershey, while Hershey’s Ice Cream comes from Harrisburg. Both are more than a century old, but don’t have any relation to each other. That’s OK, though, because this Hershey’s makes some top-notch ice cream.

So what’s the difference between Hershey’s Ice Cream at Andee’s and, say, a chain competitor nearby? Many places that claim they serve ice cream essentially sell you ice milk. Andee’s serves real ice cream, and you can taste the difference.

Among the favorite flavors, Salted Caramel Truffle is near the top, along with Cappuccino Crunch and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. You don’t need to get these if you don’t want to, of course. But with 32 flavors, you can always try something new every time you come in!

Try a banana split ($7.95) or even a new mini banana split: get a scoop of your favorite ice cream in a waffle bowl surrounded by a banana, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry. It’s your favorite combination, now in a fun size you can have all to yourself!

If you can’t decide on just one flavor, try a two-scoop sundae ($6) or even three scoops ($7). Try seasonal favorites like pumpkin or peppermint, but don’t leave out Graham Central Station, with pieces of chocolate honey comb sprinkled throughout the ice cream.

There are other favorites, too, like four different kinds of cones, shakes ($6.25) and malts ($6). There’s a huge variety of flavor mashups you can make, so don’t settle on the first flavor you spot! And remember: you can sample flavors. Andee’s wants to make sure you have the best possible ice cream combination for you — so taste test away!

There are also more than a dozen different topping options, and rainbow sprinkles are still the favorite among customers. What other ice cream topping reminds you more of your childhood than rainbow sprinkles? Don’t worry, if sprinkles aren’t your thing, there’s still classics like hot fudge, nuts, and caramel sauce. If you want to step away from the crowd a bit, try the Oreo pieces, Nutella, or Graham Cracker Crumbs. There’s even Mallo Cream — like marshmallows, but more like a syrup form for you to pour all over your favorite ice cream flavors. Yum!

If you need a meal before dessert, though, Andee’s also has Hebrew National all-beef hot dogs in two awesome options: regular and power. Naturally the regular ($3.50) is delicious in and of itself, but the power ($4.00) is almost double in size — a quarter-pound — and only .50 cents more! Hard to think of a better deal than that for a superb hot dog.

Whatever combination you choose, there is something for everyone at Andee’s. Enjoy your new favorite ice cream spot.


If You Go:

Andee’s Creamery

2031-D Wilton Drive

Wilton Manors, FL 33305

(754) 200-4046


Hours: Friday, Saturday: 2-11 p.m.

Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday: 2-10 p.m.

Closed Monday

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