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Who doesn’t LOVE a great burger? To me, there are three parts to dynamite burger; the buns, the meat, and the additions you choose. I like a lightly toasted bun, a nice thick, juicy piece of cooked meat, plenty of greens, a spicy Monterey jack cheese, and throw on some jalapenos, bacon, and a chipotle ranch dressing and you’ve got my perfect burger.

So my friends and I decided to go on a mission… Who in Fort Lauderdale makes one of the best burgers in town? This is what we found out.

Burger Fi

Love them! My partner and I like Burger Fi for different reasons. He likes it because you can order a burger without a bun and wrapped in lettuce instead of with all the fixins. I like it, because the bun is toasted perfectly and the burgers there are really juicy and fresh. We both agree that Burger Fi is one of our top burger places. The hot dogs and the Parmesan & herb fries are really good too and their thick onion rings are delicious.


Tasty! There are so many great burgers here, you might find it difficult to figure out which one to order, so in our case, we ordered two and split them. This helped to maximize our flavor experience. Their namesake burger, the ROK:BRGR has aged Vermont cheddar cheese, maple pepper bacon, and a bourbon barbecue sauce that is amazing. Or you may opt for the King James, the Morning Glory, the Southwestern, or go for a Wild Turkey instead. It’s all good!

Smash Burger

Decent. As far as burger chains go, this one is pretty good, but fell below expectations. The burgers were alright. I wouldn’t order their fries again. But my biggest criticism was their lack of timing. One of our orders was served up long before the second order came out and then we waited almost ten minutes for our third order to come out. By then, the others had eaten, so it wasn’t a great dining experience for us, however if you’re out on your own for a quick lunch, it’s worth the visit.

Jack’s Hamburgers

A Classic! They have done a great job at perfecting the burger. There are too many awards and accolades to mention here, but for the past 41 years, Jack’s has served up happy diners. Order up, then add your own fixins in their condiment bar and enjoy a juicy and delicious, hand-pressed, and fresh-made-daily burger. Sometimes there’s no use in messing with tradition.

There are so many great places in Fort Lauderdale to try for burgers, so as we continue to look at some of the best burgers in town, we will bring you our findings. What do you think? Leave your comments on and your suggestions and we will try them out too!

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