SFGN'S Equality Florida 'Homepage'

Jen Laws Photos: Equality Florida rallies for trans rights in Orlando. Photos via Facebook

Our readers at our 'Out Social' monthly events have asked for SFGN to start putting togeather a 'homepage' for all of the recent 'Equality Florida' News & related stories. Please note, we will be updating this page, and adding too it.


It’s Time for Us to Support the Florida Inclusive Workforce Act 

Change is hard and adaptability is the key to success and happiness. This moment in time is an exceptionally interesting one in terms of advocacy efforts. Previous strategies of funneling grassroots support into large organizations served us well in gaining ground on broad issues impacting large segments of our shared communities...


In-Depth: Local LGBT Orgs & Equality Florida Go to War

From the moment a coalition of LGBT groups in South Florida filed a workplace non-discrimination bill in the Florida Senate, it was dead on arrival – but not from Republicans, instead the statewide LGBT rights organization, Equality Florida, vehemently opposed it...

Local Trans Groups Stand Up to Equality Florida

A coalition of transgender rights groups signed a letter Wednesday pushing back against Equality Florida’s aggressive tactics opposing a non-discrimination bill...

Op-Ed: Equality Florida Is Fighting For You

When Equality Florida representatives met with me this summer and said they wanted to give SFGN their annual award, they indicated that it was because we had given them “years of support.”