LGBT activists in Texas are trying to halt two bills from passing before the state legislature’s session deadline of May 21.

According to the Dallas Voice, one of the bills -- already passed by the state senate -- would prohibit people from obtaining marriage licenses unless they present a form of photo identification. Equality Texas said this change would bar the transgender community from marrying someone of the opposite sex if the trans person does not have current identification that lists their accurate gender.

“ Donna Campbell's bill is targeting communities that aren't likely to have forms of ID,” Equality Texas field organizer Daniel Williams told the Voice.

Senate Bill 1218 would also exclude forms of identification which are currently valid to get married, including an affidavit of change of sex.

The gay rights group is trying to slow down the bill’s progress so that it doesn’t make it to the House floor before the session’s May 21 deadline.

Another bill filed in the state’s Senate could allow student organizations at universities to bypass school anti-discrimination policies regarding membership.

“It's not about protecting free speech,” Williams said referring to the schools bill. “It's about tax-funded hate speech.” Sergio N. Candido



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