Following on from her highly acclaimed debut album "Due Drop," Toya Delazy is back from traveling the world to bring us the much anticipated second album "Ascension." After gaining recognition both sides of the Atlantic, this Zulu royal is pushing boundaries which shows in the album's first single and music video, "Forbidden Fruit," a controversial and daring release in the context of the recent anti-gay laws wave in Africa.

"You love who you love. Life has no rules, there is no instruction manual; we don't live to find ourselves, we live to create ourselves," said Delazy.

"Forbidden Fruit" features the leading ladies in Cape Town lesbian events circuit, MISS; with Toya who co-directed the video with Kyle Lewis (Best music video SAMA winner 2013) in a nun's outfit, bouncing bodies and bountiful fruit as well as world Krumping and Electric Boogie champion Bash Moolman covered head to foot in luminous paint.

Never afraid to express herself, Delazy bursts back onto the scene with fearless abandon. Sporting literally tongue-in-cheek kissing scenes with gay, lesbian and straight couples, bountiful fruit and brazen delivery, Delazy's work is an extension of who she is; an open-minded individual with an affinity for fashion and forward-thinking practices.

Speaking on "Ascension," Delazy (who co-produced the album) said, "It's about rising as a person, as a nation, as humanity, through knowing, growing the inner wealth, and becoming."
With a mix of futuristic jazzy, electric and cheeky commentary alongside colourful, dynamic and fun Zulu flair, the video has already got tongues wagging countrywide. It is a bold statement that sometimes the things that are often frowned upon are things that make us that much more unique.

Delazy brings back a lot of the discourse that generic pop music can lack, igniting conversation without taking itself too serious. Times are changing, and for her, it's time to change with them and transcend all of the beliefs that hold conservatives back from realizing their inner selves. No matter what you wear, what you believe or who you love, it's time to live in the moment!

Unfortunately, the video is not available in this country. But check YouTube here for updates, and see below for a teaser clip.

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