Yucatan Delays Legalizing Gay Marriage

Building of the Congress of Yucatan: Photo Credit, J. Magno, Via Flickr

Yucatan, the only Mexican state that has yet to legalize gay marriage, has pushed off the decision because most of the representatives didn’t show up to vote.

Because of this, the “inevitable” legalization of gay marriage was tabled last Tuesday, and the Congress of Yucatan is in contempt of the high court. LGBT activists are saying the local reps, according to Yucatan Expat Life didn’t show up on purpose, so they’d be forced to postpone the vote.

“They want to tire us to avoid the issue, but we will not take a step back,”Alex Orué, director of the LGBT organization It Gets Better Mexico, told HuffPost Mexico. “We already know how they spend to avoid the issue, there are always more important events or issues, and if they can get up early, they will do it.” 

In 2015, the Court of Justice of the Nation ruled restricting marriage exclusively as between a man and a woman is discriminatory and illegal.