Jonathan the tortoise is really celebrating his golden years.

The 186-year-old tortoise is a resident of British Overseas Territory St. Helena. He’s the world’s oldest tortoise and possibly the world’s oldest living creature.

Jonathan was given to the territory as a gift to the governor — and is even honored on the Saint Helena five pence coin.

According to Gay Star News, veterinarians recommended the tortoise get a mate in 1991. Named “Frederica” at the time, they lived the last 26 years together and had mating sessions once a week.

But they never produced offspring. Twenty-six years later, doctors finally understand why.

When repairing a lesion on “Frederica,” they finally discovered he was a male all along. The Times reported they renamed him to Frederic.

Same-sex marriage is not legal, but there were various anti-discrimination laws implemented in 2009. Same-sex acts in St. Helena were only legalized in 2001.

It’s clear Jonathan the tortoise broke the law, but it’s unlikely he’ll serve prison time.