World’s First Openly Gay Prince Helps Create LGBT University Course

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil from Gujurat, India is the world’s first openly gay prince on record, and has spearheaded South Asia’s first LGBT-centered university course.

The course, called “Proclivity of Gender: Socio-legal approach to LGBTQ Community,” focuses on the history of LGBT rights movements in India, the resulting legal approaches, and the mental/physical health, reported the Times of India. The course is required for law and liberal studies undergraduates at Karnavati University, and will also be taken by over 60 other students, from high schoolers to Ph.D. scholars. 

“Discrimination is so rampant against LGBTQ people in the country that they are denied access to basic facilities including healthcare and the right to property, among several others. Educating students about the LGBTQ community will help sensitize them to the invisible sexual minority … Education will therefore help bridge this gap,” Professor Shrut Brahmbhatt said, who helped settle the course in the university’s curriculum. 

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