Women’s Shelter Sues For Right To Turn Away Transgender Women

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A women’s shelter in Anchorage, Alaska is suing the city for requiring them to admit transgender individuals. They say it goes against their religion.

The Hope Center shelter and the Lawyers for Alliance Defending Freedom are filing a suit against the city of Anchorage to stop them from applying their gender identity law to the shelter, according to KTOO.

The Christian law firm says homeless shelters are exempt from local law, but they use the gender identity law to “investigate, harass, and pressure” the Hope Center.

They filed the lawsuit in August, months after a transgender woman complained she was denied access to the shelter.

“The injunction would mean that Anchorage can’t apply the ordinance to the Hope Center in order to force the Hope Center to allow men to come in the shelter and sleep and undress alongside these vulnerable homeless women,” Denise Harle, an attorney with the alliance.

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