EDGE released the following statement:

An LGBT media company endorsing a Democrat for President of the United States? Clearly, that's a shocker. Nonetheless, EDGE has never endorsed any political candidate of any stripe for any position in our 12-year history. So why, when Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls and a media-munching oligarch with comparatively little campaign ground structure stands ineffectively opposed to her, start now?

Because, as LGBT citizens, we've seen the power of hate. We've witnessed how it flows, crests and ebbs. We've suffered under the unfortunate consequences of its periodic bloom. And we cannot afford to remain idle while even a remote possibility exists that it could grab hold of the top office in the land.

We also understand that our devoted readers don't need to be told to vote against Donald Trump. We fear what happens when Americans draw the curtains of their voting booths and - away from the prying questions of the pollsters and the casual dinner conversations of their neighbors and friends - vote their emotion. Hate must not steal our children's future away; it must be fought, and it must be defeated. That is why we endorse Hillary Clinton, and that is why we implore our readers to not rest until she wins.

-David Foucher, EDGE Media Network Founder and Publisher

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