Hanuabada, New Guinea, isn’t just a settlement built on stilts over the water, it’s a new-found haven for LGBT people who were discriminated against elsewhere.

The settlement, in Port Moresby, is home to 50,000 people, and has become a community to LGBT individuals when they heard they would be safe there. It’s built over the water (locals believe) to protect the village from sorcery coming from the mountains.

"I used to live in a place called Joyce Bay and I got abused. They threw bottles at me, stones at me. And then I heard about this place. I came here and the family brought me in and accepted me," Kapera Katrick, 24, told AFP. 

Homosexuality is still a crime in Papua New Guinea, and activists say change involving gay rights won’t come until it is decriminalized, but for now, they live in Hanuabada, where they’re accepted.

The village even hosts small drag shows, which would be condemned in other sections of New Guinea.


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