Utah to Ban Intersex People From Correcting Gender Markers

 Utah lawmakers want to make it impossible to change your gender on a birth certificate, the Advocate says.

House Bill 153 would define gender as “the innate and immutable characteristics established at conception,” The Salt Lake Tribunereports. If the bill passes to law, it would primarily affect intersex, gender non-conforming, and trans individuals, but the lawmakers themselves are saying it’s not motivated by prejudice.

“This bill is not motivated by any form of ‘phobia’ or hate,” Rep. Merrill Nelson, a Republican, told the Tribune,“but only by a desire to maintain the integrity of the birth certificate and to provide clarity and consistency to an otherwise ambiguous statute that has produced conflicting results. ... A person’s sex is no more subject to change than a person’s age.”

Nelson also said the bill is based on scientific fact that sex is chromosomal and is not self-determined later in life.