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The United States is helping LGBT groups in Ukraine by sending financial support. 

Jessica Stern, the U.S. Special Envoy that promotes LGBT rights abroad, told the Washington Blade March 18 that she held “multiple roundtables” with Ukrainian activists and organizations to build relationships with her office and get information directly from people on the frontlines.

She also said that she spoke with LGBT rights organizations in Poland, Hungary and other countries that “would be receiving LGBTQI Ukrainian refugees” and regional and international groups “that are closely monitoring and supporting LGBTQI Ukrainians in this incredibly difficult time.”

“The first and most important thing that the U.S. has been doing has been establishing contact with people who are advocating for and servicing LGBTQI Ukrainians, and then in all instances, trying to find ways to support them,” Stern told the Blade. “One of the things that have been really important has been to identify the sort of patterns of human rights abuses, violations and vulnerability that they’re tracking that we need to be aware of.”

The way Stern said that she will be helping is by sending money.

“One of the things we’ve been focused on has been ensuring that LGBTQI Ukrainian organizations and LGBTQI organizations in the surrounding countries have the financial resources to provide emergency support to this population that finds itself facing double and triple discrimination,” she said.

Stern told the Blade that her “top priority” is to ensure that humanitarian assistance to Ukraine “is distributed without discrimination.”

“One of the messages that my office has been conveying and with working with others at the State Department to convey is that LGBTQI Ukrainian refugees are at heightened risk and that they should be supported and that anyone providing humanitarian assistance should actually be on the watch for instances of discrimination or violence they may be subjected to,” she said.

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