US’s Zambia ambassador ‘Threatened’ For Standing With Jailed Gay Couple

Daniel Foote. Photo via U.S. embassy to Zambia.

Daniel Foote, the US ambassador to Zambia said he was “horrified” by Zambia putting a gay couple in jail. 

After Foote urged the Zambian government to revisit the case and their anti-gay laws, he said he faced threats, according to BBC. Zambian President Edgar Lungu said he would complain to the Trump administration because Foote questioned Zambia’s constitution.

"I was shocked at the venom and hate directed at me and my country, largely in the name of 'Christian' values, by a small minority of Zambians," Foote said in a press release. "It is up to Zambian citizens and the courts to decide if your laws correspond to your constitution."

Foote had to cancel his appearance at World AIDS Day due to the threats.

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