Undercover activists secretly filmed their ordeal undergoing a barbaric gay "cure" therapy at a psychiatric hospital in Tianjin, China, the Mirror reports.

The therapy the activists recorded involved taking drugs and electric shock therapy that would supposedly "cure" them of their sexuality, according to a report by SBS.

"When these urges arise, you can take a cold shower or go jogging to release the excess hormones," a psychiatrist at Tianjin Mental Health Hospital told campaigner John Shen, according to the Mirror.

But the newspaper reports other efforts included taking drugs that make patients nauseous when they have "urges," and potentially harmful electric shock therapy.

"It's a small electric rod. When you have these urges, you shock yourself with the rod. Then you know you should avoid these urges,'" an activist said in the clip.

Another activist recorded his treatment at the Huashan Hospital, also located in Tianjin, which is near Beijing. He had electrodes placed on his head and said the treatment, which cost nearly $660, will rebalance his nervous system.

"I think aversion therapy can hurt anyone, especially gay people," said psychotherapist Johnny Li. "Aversion therapy reinforces their lack of self-identity and their feelings of rejection... the damage can be long-term or even last a lifetime."

The Mirror reports it has been 15 years since China considered homosexuality as a mental illness.

Watch the clip via the Guardian.