Ukraine Holds Biggest Pride Parade in Its History

Credit: alex Kokcharov via @alexKokcharov, twitter

The largest gay pride parade in Ukraine’s history saw thousands of people marching alongside politicians and diplomats in the capital, Kiev on Sunday.

In 2015, protestors at the same event threw flares and injured police officers, according to Reuters. This year, Kyiv Pride Director Ruslana Panukhnyk told the Washington Blade that several Pride participants were attacked by "far right groups" (see page 2). The parade itself was peaceful though as participants were flanked by police, protecting them from the few hundred protestors, and the parade’s organizers were grateful.  

“We are satisfied with the cooperation with the police. There were some small incidents, but no injuries,” Ruslana Panukhnyk, one of the organizers of the marchsaid. “The most important [thing] for us is human rights.”

Panukhnyk said over 8,000 people attended the parade, surpassing last year’s attendance of around 5,000.