(EDGE) An amateur photographer from the U.K. who admitted to luring at least two male fitness models into his home via Instagram, drugging them with Rohypnol, and raping them was sentenced to 11 years in prison, The Mirror reports.

Touting himself as a male fitness model photographer on Instagram, Nigel Brent Wilkinson, 43, who hails from Bristol, England, created a website and invited male models into his home for photoshoots. He then gave them drinks laced with sedatives before committing sex acts on them without their consent, the Mirror reports. The victims were 19 and 23 years old.

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Wilkinson pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, three counts of administrating a substance with intent to rape and possession of the drugs Rohypnol and Nitrazepam.

"On the surface, Nigel Wilkinson was a photographer with an interest in male fitness models. In private, he was a cunning sexual offender who used his photography enterprise as a cover and catalyst for his deviant activities," detective constable Stacey Matthews told the Bristol Post. "The victims have shown immense bravery, dignity and courage throughout our investigation, and I'd like to thank them for the support they've given the investigation team. These crimes have had a significant impact on them and their families."

A judge sentenced Wilkinson to 11 and a half years to prison and police said they think there are more victims.

"You wanted to have sex with as many attractive men as possible," according to the Mirror. "All the victims were much younger than you and entrusted themselves to you. You abused the trust they placed in you. The whole basis of your contact with you appears to be a lie."