(EDGE) A 20-year-old man from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England was told by his employer to remove his makeup while at work. But his response to his boss has the Internet rolling over in laughter. 

Scott Laplanche, an employee of Currys PC World, says he was asked to remove his makeup while working his shift, the Independent reports. He believes, however, that the request was discriminatory as his female coworkers "wear more makeup than he does." 

Laplanche has been working at Currys PC World for nine months and never had a problem with his makeup until new management stepped in. After refusing to comply, management allegedly told him to "tone it down." 

Upset by his employers' response, Laplanche took his frustrations to Facebook and explained the situation in a post, which has been shared over 3,000 times. In his note, Laplanche claps back at his bosses with an incredible statement.

"I was quite shocked... After I refused, I'm getting told to tone it down? Excuse me? Tone it down? You can't tone down a masterpiece," he wrote in part.

A spokesperson for Currys PC World responded after Laplanche's post went viral in a statement to the Independent.

"This was a local store level misunderstanding that is being dealt with internally," they said. "Scott takes pride in his appearance and Currys PC World is proud of its diverse workforce."

Check out Laplanche's full Facebook post below.