A 23-year old Ugandan lesbian was deported from America after trying to visit her cousin while on a student visa.

The woman, known only as the pseudonym L, arrived in the country on Aug. 25 and was preparing to go to school in Virginia according to the Bay Area Reporter. She was stopped from going to visit her family after her ticket to Seattle was found and later she was detained.

"They took away my phone, and I couldn't call anyone who could explain,” L said. “I tried to tell them what was happening with me, but they didn't understand."

If L had applied for asylum, she would have been granted it according to the Reporter. An immigration attorney and her cousin are trying to keep L in the United States while her status is in limbo.

In Uganda, homosexuality is a crime. In 2014, the country passed an anti-gay law that carries a life sentence for anyone caught being a homosexual.