Simon Lokodo, minister for ethics and integrity, said the government plans to re-introduce a bill that would punish the “promotion” of being gay, but government officials denied that claim.

In 2014, the government introduced teh Anti-Homosexuality Bill, but withdrew it among internaitional backlash. Esther Mbayo, presidency minister, said the government doesn’t have any plans to re-introduce that bill, according to the Washington Post. Activists in the Ugandan LGBT community say they’ve been harassed and attacked, and the government urged them to report those abuses to police.

“Already, most (gay) people do not have homes, they do not have education, they are not employed, they are homeless. So, when something like this comes, it threatens even the little safety that they had,” Pepe Julian Onzima from Sexual Minorities Uganda said, according to VOA News.

Gay sex remains illegal in Uganda.