U.K. Creates Protections for LGBT Asylum Seekers

SFGN File Photo

A new report from Britain’s House of Commons has set protections for LGBT people seeking asylum in the U.K. It says that in some detention centers, they are at risk of the same persecution they’re trying to flee.

The report says LGBT people should be recognized as particularly at risk, and shouldn’t be put in detention centers where they could be abused by staff or other detainees. The report comes after staff at one center abused LGBT detainees, which may have caused suicide and self-harm, according to Openly News.

"The Government should recognise that LGBTQI people are vulnerable in immigration detention, thereby extending the recognition that it already affords to trans and intersex people," the reportsaid.

LGBT asylum seekers are often required to prove their sexuality or gender, but struggle to find evidence, and are denied asylum as a result.